Gateway GM5478 User Manual

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Thankyouforyour.purchase SETTINGUP

Your computer includes the following items:

Remote control (may look different than the one shown)

Batteries (for the wireless remote control)

Infrared (IR) blaster cable—Sends input to a set-top box to change channels

Infrared (IR) receiver cable—Sends input from the remote control to your computer

FM antenna—Receives FM radio signals (optional)

Remove your computer components from the packaging and lay them out for easy access during the setup process.


Before you start connecting computer components, take a few minutes to make sure that all of these connections are available in the location you have selected for your computer.

• Power outlet

• Video source

Remote control and batteries

Infrared (IR) blaster cable

• Internet connection

Infrared (IR) receiver cable

FM antenna
























Actual product may vary from image shown. Product specifications subject to change without notice.

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