Desa 106038-09, 104504-02, 105801-09, 106080-01, 105838-02 User Manual

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FOR PC-BDV37N (02267)
For Use When Converting Models BDV37N Series
This conversion kit must be installed by a qualified service agency.
Read these instructions completely before installing this conversion kit. Before proceeding, make sure the gas control valve is in the “OFF” position, all electrical
power to the appliance is OFF, and the fireplace is cool to the touch.
CAUTION: The gas supply shall be shut off prior to disconnecting the electrical power before proceeding with the conversion.
Parts included with this kit:
Part No. Description Quantity
Instruction Sheet 1 106040-02 Pilot Orifice 1 104504-02 Burner, Propane/LP 1 104506-02 Main Burner Orifice (1.32mm) 1 105838-02 Gas Valve Regulator 1 105801-09 Conversion Label, English 1 106038-09 Conversion Label, French 1 106080-01 Conversion Information Label 1
Tools Required
• 10mm Open End Wrench • T orx T20 or Slotted Screwdriver
• 5/16" Socket or Nut Driver Slotted Screwdriver
• 18mm Open End Wrench or • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
Adjustable Wrench • High Temperature Silicone Sealant
• 3/4" Open End Wrench or (GE RTV 106/Loctite RTV 81585)
Adjustable Wrench • Thread Sealant (Resistant to Propane/LP)
• 7/8" Open End Wrench or
Channel Lock Pliers
If any of these pieces are missing or damaged, contact the dealer where you purchased this kit or DESA International at 1-800-972-7879 for referral information.
1. Remove the upper louver panel by lift­ing upward and out (see Figure 1).
2. Using a 3/8" socket or slotted screw­driver remove the screws from the three tabs at the top of the glass door (see Figure 2, page 2). Hold glass door se­curely to keep it from falling forward.
3. Grasp door by both sides and ease it upward off the lower bracket (see Fig­ure 2, page 2).
Top Louver Panel
Figure 1 - Removing Top Louver Panel
PC-BDV37N (02267) Conversion Kit
Glass Door Assembly
Lower Bracket for Glass Door Assembly
Figure 2 - Removing/Replacing Glass Door
Carefully remove the log set and ember material from around the burner and place them outside the fireplace.
1. Open lower louver panel. This allows access below firebox to gas line con­nections and gas control valve.
2. Disconnect flare fitting connected to the brass elbow inside the bottom control compartment area. Use a 3/4" open end wrench on the flare fitting (see Figure 3).
Fireplace Floor
5/16" hex Mounting Screw
RTV Silicone
3. Turn brass elbow and main burner ori­fice counterclockwise to remove from burner. The orifice is threaded into the burner inlet. The elbow may have a slight resistance since the orifice has been sealed with RTV silicone. Use a 7/8" open end wrench or channel lock pliers for elbow and orifice removal.
4. Remove existing main burner orifice from brass elbow and replace with main burner orifice supplied with conversion kit.
The new main burner orifice will have the number 132 stamped on it for identification purposes. Apply a small amount of thread sealant to the orifice before tightening (see Figure 4). Sealant must be resistant to Propane/LP gas.
5. Remove the burner by loosening the two 5/16" hex mounting screws (see Figure 3). Lift burner up and out.
6. Convert the pilot burner by changing out the pilot orifice. Remove the compres­sion nut and compression sleeve from the pilot. Remove the pilot orifice from inside the pilot barrel (see Figure 5). Re­place with the pilot orifice supplied with this kit.
The new pilot orifice has the number 30 stamped on it for identi­fication purposes.
7. Place open end of pilot orifice on top of compression sleeve and carefully slide up inside pilot burner. Tighten compression nut (see Figure 5).
Be careful not to bend or kink aluminum tubing during conver­sion. Make sure the compression sleeve and pilot orifice are properly mated and aligned before retightening the compres­sion nut.
8. Replace original burner with burner supplied with kit. Attach with the two 5/16" hex mounting screws removed in step 5.
9. Attach main burner orifice and brass elbow assembly to burner. Place main burner orifice into threaded end of burner and turn clockwise to tighten (see Figure 3). Align the brass elbow with the flare fitting on the aluminum tubing.
10. Reconnect the aluminum tube flare fit­ting onto the brass elbow (see Figure 3).
11. Reapply R TV silicone to seal area where orifice passes through the bottom com­bustion chamber (see Figure 3).
Pilot Burner
Piezo Ignitor
12mm Hex
Pilot Orifice
Compression Sleeve
Figure 5 - Removing/Replacing Pilot Orifice
Compression Nut (10mm Hex)
Main Burner Orifice
Brass Elbow
Aluminum Tubing
Figure 3 - Removing/Replacing Main Burner Orifice, Brass Elbow, and Aluminum Tubing
Flare Fitting
Main Burner Orifice (18mm Hex)
Apply Thread Sealant Here Only
Brass Elbow
Figure 4 - Removing/Replacing Main Burner Orifice
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