3M MTA-2 User Manual

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Manual Tape Applicator MTA-2

3MStamark™ Pavement Marking Tapes

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Health and Safety Information


Wear safety shoes and appropriate gloves while handling and using the Manual Tape Applicator.


The 3M™ Manual Tape Applicator MTA-2 is intended to be used for the application of 3M™ Stamark™ Pavement Marking Tapes. It is a simple-to-use, twowheeled, robust, push-type device. (Figure 1)

The usage of A 380ESD(high tack adhesive) demands installation of the MTA-2 upgrade-kit DR995032239 to prevent roll blocking by the high tack adhesive during the tape application.

June 2010

The application rates depend on the individual application conditions and environment. Typically tape is being applied at walking speed.

Figure 1: MTA-2 Tape applicator

The device is specifically designed to apply pavement marking tapes precoated with pressure sensitive adhesive.

The applicator weighs 75kg and can be partially disassembled for transporting in a van, truck or station wagon.

Product Width and Spacing

The MTA-2 can be used to apply all Stamark™ pavement marking tapes at all standard roll length. Note: If special roll with larger length are being ordered, the maximum roll diameter must not exceed 50cm, if the material is to be applied with a Manual Tape Applicator.


Figure 2: Schematic drawing MTA-2

Procedure for Adjusting Machine and Tape

Load the tape roll, feed it in to the machine and do the necessary adjustments, as shown in Figure 3 to 8. As soon as these steps are done, the machine is ready for the application.

Caution: Do not activate the cutting knife, while doing adjustments!

Figure 3: Feeding of the Tape

The MTA-2 is operated by one person.

Note: Pavement Marking Roll changing should be supported by a second person due to the weight of a tape roll in order to avoid extensive workload for a single operator.


Manual Tape Applicator MTA-2


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Figure 4: Adjustment of the upper tape guide rolls

Figure 5: Adjustment of the lower tape guide rolls

Figure 6: Adjustment of vertical guide plate

Figure 7: Adjustment of the pointer system

Tape Application

Determine where the first skip or long line starts by measuring from the last existing skip or reference mark. Adjust the pointer to the pre-marking. Best case is when the pre-marking and the later tape position are in between the wheels of the applicator. If primer is used apply tape exactly on primer.

For starting the application pull handgrip and watch tape being moved by infeeding-transportation roll. Position tape start at start of pre-marking. Push applicator forward and keep handle grip pulled until tape appears on other side of rubber application roll. Release handle-grip and keep pushing applicator.

Figure 8: Infeeding Handle Grip

Tape Cutting

Bring the applicator to a complete stop. Keep tape under slight tension.

Cut tape with one strong and fast movement of foot pedal. Release the pedal slowly. Do not attempt to cut the tape while moving. Cutting the tape in motion will stretch and tear the tape, causing the next line to start off center.

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