Apple 4500 User Manual

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1 Setting Up Your Printer

This chapter introduces the Apple Color StyleWriter 4500 printer and explains how to set it up. After you follow the instructions in this chapter, you’ll be ready to print.

Important safety instructions

Always take the following precautions:

mKeep the printer cover closed when printing.

mAlways turn off the printer before unplugging it.

mKeep the ink cartridges away from children.

mKeep the printer away from sources of liquid, such as wash basins, bathtubs, and shower stalls.

mProtect the printer from dampness or wet weather, such as rain and snow.

mRead all the installation instructions carefully before you plug the printer into a wall socket.

mKeep these instructions handy for reference by you and others.

mFollow all instructions and warnings dealing with your computer system.

mDon’t use devices that produce open flames, such as Bunsen burners, near the printer.


mDon’t use alcohol-basedorammonia-basedcleaners on or around the printer.

mAlways unplug the printer before cleaning it. (Use only the cleaning procedure recommended in Chapter 4.)

mClean the outside of the printer with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild soap or detergent. Be careful not to get liquid into the printer or the power cord receptacle.

IMPORTANT The only way to disconnect power completely is to unplug the power adapter. Make sure at least one end of the power cord is within easy reach so that you can unplug the Color StyleWriter 4500 when you need to.

Watch for these situations, and if one occurs pull the plug!

mthe power cord or plug becomes frayed or otherwise damaged

myou spill something into the printer

mthe printer is exposed to rain or any other excess moisture

mthe printer has been dropped or otherwise damaged

myou suspect that your printer needs service or repair

WARNING Electrical equipment may be hazardous if misused. Operation of this product, or similar products, must always be supervised by an adult. Do not allow children access to the interior of any electrical product and do not permit them to handle any cables.

2 Chapter 1

Unpacking the printer

1 Remove everything from the shipping box, but leave the ink cartridges in their packages.

Floppy disk

Color StyleWriter 4500


Ink cartridge storage case

Ink cartridges

Serial cable

Power adapter

2 Remove the tape and packing material from the outside of the printer.

Setting Up Your Printer


3 Open the printer’s cover and remove the packing material from the inside of the printer.

Remove the packing material.

Save the carton and the packing material in case you ever need to ship the printer.

4Close the printer’s cover.

5Place the printer in your work area.

Choose a location near your computer that has an electrical outlet and good ventilation, is out of direct sunlight, never gets damp or very hot or very cold, and is away from devices that could cause electromagnetic interference, such as stereo speakers or cordless telephone transmitters. Do not place the printer on a slanted surface. See Appendix A, “Technical Information,” for specific information about the physical requirements of your printer.

IMPORTANT Don’t accidentally discard the ink cartridge storage case. You need it to store an opened cartridge that you’re not using in the printer. The case keeps the print head from drying out and prevents accidents with ink stains.

4 Chapter 1

Plugging in the printer

Plug the connector end of the power adapter into the printer and then plug the other end of the adapter into an outlet.

IMPORTANT The only way to disconnect power completely is to unplug the power adapter. Make sure that at least one end of the power cord is within easy reach so that you can unplug the printer in an emergency.

WARNING The Color StyleWriter 4500 is designed to work with the electrical system of the region in which you purchased it. It works with only one frequency of electricity, either 50 or 60 Hz. The label on the adapter you received with your printer indicates the frequency required.

The label on the adapter also indicates the voltage required. If you are using the printer in a region with a different voltage but the same frequency as that listed on the adapter, you must use a voltage converter to provide the voltage indicated on the adapter label.

Serious damage to the printer will result from using the Color StyleWriter 4500 adapter with an improper electrical frequency or improper voltage converter. Damage resulting from such misuse of the printer is not covered under warranty.

Setting Up Your Printer


Connecting the printer directly to your computer

You can connect the printer directly to your computer with a serial cable. If you want to add the printer to a LocalTalk network, see the next section, “Connecting to a LocalTalk Network.” You cannot connect the printer both ways.

1Plug the cable into the interface port on the printer.

You can use the serial cable that came with your printer, or you can use a LocalTalk kit and plug a LocalTalk cable into the same port.

Connect this end of the cable

Some Macintosh

to either the printer port or

computers have a

the modem port, which are

combined serial port

labeled with these icons.

with two icons.

2Plug the other end of the cable into the printer port on your computer.

If your computer is connected to a network, a network cable may already be connected to the printer port ([). In that case, use the modem port (W).

Remember which port on the computer you use. Later you must tell the printer software where to look for the printer.

Some PowerBook computers that have an internal modem installed cannot tell that the printer is plugged in. You must change a setting in the PowerBook Setup or Express Modem control panel. For details, see “Special Information for PowerBook Owners” in the section “Telling Your Computer to Use the Color StyleWriter 4500,” later in this chapter.

6 Chapter 1

Connecting to a LocalTalk network (optional)

If you have an existing LocalTalk network, you can add your printer to it and share the printer with other Mac OS–basedcomputers on the network.

IMPORTANT You can either connect the printer directly to your computer with a serial cable or connect it to a LocalTalk network with a LocalTalk connecting kit. You cannot connect the printer both ways at the same time.

1Obtain a LocalTalk connecting kit.

LocalTalk connecting kits come in many varieties. A kit usually contains one connector box and one LocalTalk cable. Two LocalTalk connecting kits are available from Apple. For information about these kits, see “Apple Printer Supplies and Accessories” in Appendix A.

2Plug the connector box into the interface port on the printer.

3Connect the printer to the network in one of these two ways:

m To connect the printer to the end of a LocalTalk network,use the LocalTalk cable to connect the empty socket of the nearest device’s connector box to the printer’s connector box.

m To connect the printer between two devices on a LocalTalk network,disconnect one LocalTalk cable from the connector box or the device immediately to the left or right of the printer and plug it into the new printer’s connector box. Then use the new LocalTalk cable to connect the free socket on the printer’s connector box to the socket you freed on the other device’s connector box.

Setting Up Your Printer


Turning the printer on and off

To turn on the printer, press the power button. The green power light glows.

To turn the printer off, press the power button again. The power light goes out.

Resume button

Power button

make sure the printer is turned off power light is off, the power is off.) If strip, never turn off the power strip

unless you’ve already turned the printer off.

When you turn off the printer, it moves the ink cartridges to the right, where it caps the nozzles to keep the ink cartridges from drying out. If you unplug the printer or discontinue power before turning it off, the printer can’t position the cartridges in the capped position, the print head may dry out, and you’ll have to replace the cartridge.

Power Macintosh users and virtual memory

If you are using a Power Macintosh computer, you may want to turn on virtual memory before you try to print on the Color StyleWriter 4500. Then choose a setting that’s at least 1 MB higher than your “Available built-inmemory.” (You can set it higher without any ill effects.) With this setting, you will avoid some potential printing problems. Turning on virtual memory also reduces the amount of memory needed by many applications. For instructions on turning on virtual memory, see the documentation that came with your computer.

8 Chapter 1

Installing the ink cartridges

Each ink cartridge contains a print head, which sprays the ink onto the paper. Treat it gently so you don’t damage its tiny nozzles.

WARNING The carrier holds the ink cartridges and moves them back and forth when you are printing a document. Don’t slide the carrier by hand or you will damage the printer.

1To turn on your printer, press the power button.

The power light comes on.

2Open the front cover.

The carrier moves to the center of the printer, and the resume light flashes.

When you turn on the power and open the cover, the carrier moves to the center. Do not slide the carrier by hand.

Note: If the carrier does not move automatically to the center, try closing the cover and turning the power off. Then repeat steps 1 and 2.

WARNING Use only ink designed for use with the Color StyleWriter 4500.

Setting Up Your Printer


3Grasp each ink cartridge by its sides and carefully remove the tape from the cartridge’s print head.

You may safely touch the colorful caps or the black plastic, but be careful not to touch any other part.

Make sure you

Note: Open the color and black

remove the tape

ink cartridges. Set the color

from both

PhotoGrade cartridge aside,


still in its protective packaging.


Use it for special projects, not



4Slide the ink cartridges down into the carrier, and then press both cartridges into place.

For the printer to work, you must install two ink cartridges.

Color ink cartridge

Black ink cartridge

When you install the color PhotoGrade ink cartridge, it goes into this side of the carrier, (replacing the black ink cartridge.)

Press the cartridge all the way into the carrier.

Press until you hear a snap, and the cartridge fits snugly in the carrier. It should be difficult to remove. If a cartridge feels loose, it is not properly seated.

10 Chapter 1