3COM 3C16732 User Manual
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January 1998


Welcome to the world of networking with 3Com® .

In the modern business environment, communication and sharing information is crucial. Computer networks have proved to be one of the fastest modes of communication but until recently only large businesses could afford the networking advantage. The OfficeConnect® product range from 3Com has changed this, bringing networks to the small office.

As the power of workstations and business applications increases, heavier demands are made on the available network bandwidth that, if unchecked, can lead to performance problems in a hub-basedsetup. Installing the OfficeConnect Switch 280 allows your network to be segmented so that traffic can be contained effectively, reducing the overall load without affecting access to critical resources.

The switch is ideal for use with other OfficeConnect products. It is compact and attractively designed for desktop use. It is part of the OfficeConnect range which neatly stacks together with clips, providing a range of facilities. For information on these products, see the “OfficeConnect Product Rangesheet that accompanies this product.

When referring to the OfficeConnect Switch 280, this guide uses the term ‘switch’.

Small Network with OfficeConnect Switch (Circle Shows Units Clipped Together)

The switch has eight 10BASE-Tports and two10/100BASE-TXports. This allows you to set up a network with both10BASE-Tand100BASE-TXhubs and workstations.

This guide helps you get the most out of your switch.