Zhone Technologies Raptor ATM, 4800 Express User Manual


Flexible ATM or IP Uplinks

End-to-End Management System

Environmentally Hardened

Integrated Access + Transport

TDM, ATM, or IP / Gigabit-Ethernet

Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)

ADSL2+ / VDSL2 / PON / Ethernet


Raptor 319, Raptor 719, Raptor 723

The DSLAM for the New Era in Broadband

Raptor DSLAM delivers the next generation of high-performance business and residential DSL services. With Raptor, carriers can offer digital video, high bandwidth Internet access and cell relay services from a single platform.

Raptor is the only DSLAM a carrier needs for deployment anywhere in their network. It supports ADSL2+, VDSL2, and SHDSL loops with ATM, IP and Ethernet uplinks for legacy, overlay and green-field deployments. Raptor allows carriers to deploy the same chassis in CO and Remote Terminal sites in both 3-U and 7-U configurations.


Deployed in the Central Office, Remote Terminal, outdoor cabinets or basements, the Raptor is offered in a range of compact, hardened chassis supporting densities up to 960 ports per shelf with integrated packet ring transport. With line cards, cabling, provisioning and management common to all chassis, the Raptor minimizes training, stocking, and operating expenses.

The Raptor enables service providers to deploy a wide variety of business and residential services in a single platform. These services are deployed over the MALC large list of access technologies which include fiber (both PON and Active Ethernet), ADSL2+, ReachDSL, SHDSL, and T1/E1.

In addition Zhone offers a complete line of cabinets to enable service providers to deploy closer to the customers residence.

For more information about Zhone's line of cabinets see OPX Cabinets.

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