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Copper-Based Ethernet in the First Mile

Zhone Technologies

Ethernet Everywhere •••

Need high-bandwidth Ethernet service over existing copper?

Zhone’s EFM Solutions make it easy and cost-effective.

Ethernet loop bonding delivers high-bandwidth services without the cost of fiber construction.

Business service delivery to US commercial buildings with 20+ employees



Copper-connected 86.6%

Source: Vertical Systems Group

With more than 85% of all US businesses served by copper today, Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) loop bonding has seen a 65% CAGR, the highest growth rate in telecommunications. It's no surprise, given the ease of deployment and the scalability of bandwidth, without costly fiber builds or network re-designs.

Key applications for EFM include:

nSymmetrical enterprise data services

nVLAN, E-Line, E-LAN services

nT1 / E1 and Frame Relay replacement services

nMobile backhaul

nTraffic lights and traffic control monitoring

nSecurity and surveillance monitoring

nUtility operations and control networks

Zhone’s broad portfolio of access aggregation platforms supporting EFM and Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) are designed for flexibility to meet every need. When ease of installation, rapid provisioning and deployment options are important, Zhone is your best choice for EFM.

Zhone is the Global Market Leader in EFM

nDeploying Ethernet over copper for 8 years

nDelivering Loop Bonding for more than 6 years

nMore than 100,000 Ethernet Access devices in service

nIn use around the world

Bonding copper circuits for increased Ethernet bandwidth

The key innovation in EFM is the loop bonding of multiple copper circuits to provide increased bandwidth. By intelligently distributing traffic across multiple circuits, using very high-efficiency hardware processing, these multiple circuits appear to the network as a single, high-bandwidth link, overcoming the limitations of individual copper circuits.

Two methods of hardware-based bonding are in widespread use, as described below. Zhone offers both forms of bonding to provide maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

802.3ah EFM

The IEEE 802.3ah standard for EFM, covering both fiber and copper Ethernet applications, specifies the type of encoding used, bonding methodology for copper, and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance) support. Zhone supports 802.3ah in our Ethernet aggregation line cards and EtherXtend SHDSL EAD products.

HDLC-based Ethernet over Copper Bonding

HDLC-based bonding provides physical layer (PHY) bonding of DS1 / E1 / DS3 and SHDSL circuits for highly efficient and reliable bandwidth gain. Widely deployed and field proven, HDLC-based bonding is ideally suited for point-to-point and aggregation applications where simplicity and reliability are critical. Zhone supports HDLCbased Ethernet over copper bonding technology in all of our EADs and aggregation line cards.

Grande Communications

Makes Carrier Ethernet

a Big Success

“The addition of Zhone’s Ethernet access technology in combination with Grande’s extensive copper and fiber network creates an unparalleled delivery vehicle. The unique ability to offer true 802.1 Q-in-Q Transparent LAN Service with the requisite Layer 2 and 3 controls is an important component of this product offering for Grande.”

Lamar Horton,

Director Network Engineering

Grande Communications

Zhone Delivers Higher Bandwidth to Netmedia

“Using Zhone's Ethernet over Copper solutions with both E1 and SHDSL lines has enabled delivery of higher bandwidth Ethernet business services in Finland over existing copper lines, thereby creating new and profitable Ethernet business services by re-using existing plant.”

Martin Sten, Founder

Netmedia, Finland

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