Zhone Technologies BITSTORM HP-160, BITSTORM HP-150 User Manual


24-Port VDSL2 up to Profile 30a

Multiple HDTV Channel Support

Hardened for Outside Plant Deployment

ADSL2+ Fallback Support

2 SFP + 2 Built-In GE Uplink Ports

VLAN/Bridge Forwarding with Quality of Service and Security features

Stacking support with Inband Management

VDSL2 High Performance IP-DSLAM Family

Bitstorm-HP-160, Bitstorm-HP-150

ITU-T G.993.2 Standards based 100/100Mbps VDSL2 IP-DSLAM

Bitstorm-HP is a 24-port VDSL2 IP-DSLAM family, featuring high performance and hardened design with efficient power and space considerations. Designed as a 1U high product, Bitstorm-HP is ideal for deployment in space constrained indoor MDU or, external cabinet locations taking advantage of short last mile loop for ideal VDSL2 rate/reach performance. Bitstorm-HP-160 uses latest VDSL2 silicon to support all 8 VDSL2 profiles up to Profile 30a and delivers 100/100Mbps Up/Down line-rate when paired with a Zhone VDSL2 CPE (6652-A2). Bitstorm-HP-150 supports up to Profile 17a and delivers 100Mbps Down, 50Mbps Up bandwidth. Both Bitstorm HP-160 and HP-150 fully interoprtate with Zhone VDSL2 CPE 6652-A2 (30a, Bridge/Router) and 6652-A1 (17a, Smart Bridge). Bitstorm-HP IP-DSLAMs also feature ADSL2+ fallback when connecting to a ADSL2+ CPE thus providing easy migration for users running legacy services while providing expanded revenue opportunities for operator's deploying new high-speed services.

Bitstorm-HP delivers line-rate performance and supports multi-play services implemented on powerful Network Processor. Bitstorm-HP-160 is architected with distinct control and data paths which allow high bit-rate services while supporting advanced L2/L3 features such as - DHCP (Option-82), IGMP Snooping/Proxy, IP/ARP Spoofing, Forced MAC Forwarding, QoS and Security/Filtering in either Bridged or, VLAN Switched operating modes.

Bitstorm-HP features an intuitive Web Graphical Interface for device configuration and management. It also supports complete set of xDSL MIBs for SNMP based management.

Bitstorm-HP is also available with built-in splitters (POTS, ISDN) and power (DC, AC) options.

VDSL2 High Performance IP-DSLAM Family




VDSL2 Modem Multi Dwelling

Unit (MDU)



































10 / 100 Mbps







100 / 100 Mbps


















































Data k /Networ IP






Bitstorm-HP is ideally suited for deployment in Multi Dwelling Units and delivery of bandwidth intensive services such as HDTV, Video Conferencing, Interactive Gaming and symmetric business E-Line services. Bitstorm-HP supports dual Gigabit Ethernet uplinks which can be aggregated using standards based line aggregation protocol (LACP 802.3ad). This allows deep-fiber deployment and interface with Metro switches.

Operators providing business services can utilize rich traffic management and security features to provide guaranteed services and prevent malicious user behavior. Some of the supported features are: - Prevent traffic flooding between line bridge ports - Configurable rate-limit per bridge port per VLAN - IGMP broadcast limit per line port - MAC address spoofing - IP/ARP spoofing - IP-Allow filter based on DHCP snooping - Forced destination MAC address forwarding

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