Zhone Technologies 4800 Express User Manual

Zhone Technologies 4800 Express User Manual

Compact 1U 12-port/24-port/48-port form factor with universal mounting brackets and AC power

IEEE 802.1p prioritization for voice and data applications


ADSL for robust cost-effective high bandwidth applications

Web, CLI, Telnet Management Interfaces

Supports plug 'n' play CPE and customer self-installation processes

Fully compliant with industry standard ADSL POTS splitters

4800 Express IP DSLAM


AC Powered IP Mini DSLAM with 10/100BaseT Uplink; Enables Cost Effective HSIA & VoIP applications for In-building and Campus Delpoyments

Optimized for the Hospitality, MxU and Campus environment, the BitStorm 4800 and BitStorm 4800 Express platforms provide cost-effective, robust, secure access networks for hotels, timeshares, apartment buildings, condos, dormitories, hospitals, and other campus deployments

The BitStorm 4800 Express product is ideal for deployment of cost-effective High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) service. The BitStorm 4800 Express is an ADSL solution that provides robust, secure HSIA in a very affordable package that uses the existing in-building twisted-pair wiring, assuring rapid and cost-effective deployment.

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