ZALMAN 600W User Manual

ZALMAN 600W User Manual

1. Safety Precautions

The following precautions and directions are measures against possible accidents and injuries. Please read them thoroughly before using this product.


Neglecting the following may cause serious injury or death.

Opening the cover of the product while the power cord is plugged into an outlet may cause electrocution or critical damage to the product.

Handling the power cord with wet hands may cause electrocution.

Inserting fingers or metallic objects into the cooling

fan may cause injury or electrocution.


Neglecting the following may cause minor injuries, degrade product conditions or cause malfuncion.

Operating the product in an extremely cold or hot environment can degrade product performance and lifespan.

Liquids that enter the product may cause malfunction.

Operation in a humid or non-ventilated environment may reduce product lifespan.


1)One Power Supply

2)One Cable for CPU2

3)One Cable for PCI-E2

4)Three Cables for ODD/HDD

5)Two Cables for S-ATA

6)One Fan Dual-connector (ZM-DC1) (See page 4 for details)

7)One Power Cord for AC Power Source (Not included in some countries)

8)One User’s Manual

9)Five Cable Ties

3.Notes on Installation

To ensure a safe and easy installation, please read the safety precautions above and the following notes.

Plugging the main power connector P1 into the motherboard while the product is connected to the AC power source may cause damage to the motherboard.

Make sure that the connectors are connected to their designated locations, and that the connectors are not oriented in the wrong direction when connecting the DC output connectors.

If the Power ON LED fails to light up when the main power button is pressed after completing the installation procedure, some devices may be connected incorrectly or the motherboard may be faulty.

4. The Zalman Advantage

Zalman’s CNPS products enable a noiseless computing environment, in accordance with our policy of developing people-friendly products. This ultra-quiet power supply complies with ATX12V Version 2.2, and supports the lastest dual-core CPUs(Intel Core2 series/AMD Athlon64-X2 series), as well as the lastest dual graphic card systems(SLI/CrossFire).

CNPS (Computer Noise Prevention System) refers to a system that reduces a conventional computer’s noise level (30dB or more) to an inaudible level (20dB or less). Zalman’s silent/ultra-quiet components enable the realization of noiseless computers of the highest quality.

Heatpipe Installed for Maximum Cooling Performance and Ultra-Quiet Operation

A heatpipe with ultra-high cooling performance incorporated on the power supply’s main rectifiers enables high load operation even at low RPM for a dramatic reduction in noise levels.

Improved Power Factor & Reduced Harmonics through Active PFC

By implementing Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), the Power Factor (PF) is improved from 75% (Passive PFC) up to 99% while harmful harmonic frequencies are reduced to meet the line harmonic distortion requirements of IEC61000-3-2 Class D.

High Efficiency Design

This power supply is capable of reaching a maximum of 84% efficiency (230VAC, Full & Typical Load) through its use of high switching frequency and low power-loss circuitry.

ATX20+4 Pin Main Connector

ATX20+4 pin main connector broadens the range of motherboard compatibility.

Supports ATX12V CPU 4-Pin and EPS12V CPU 8-Pin

Two ATX12V CPU 2x2 (4-Pin) power cables can be combined to form an EPS12V CPU 8-Pin power cable.

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