VTech VT181CHE-IR, VT181CH-IR, VT181CH User Manual

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VT181CH · VT181CH-IR
18.1” Flat Panel for Honeywell Applications
User’s Guide
VT181CH / VT181CHE User Guide 150-066
Table Of Contents
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Section 1
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Touch screen
1.1 VT181CH Display Family 1 4.1 Touch Screen Introduction 10
1.2 Product Safety Precautions 2
Section 2
Display Setup
2.1 Display Features 3
2.2 Unpacking The Display 4
Section 5
Troubleshooting Tips
Section 6
Cleaning & Maintenance
2.3 Included Parts 4
2.4 Connecting Your Display 4
2.5 Signal Connections 4-5
Section 7
Mechanical Drawings
Mounting Instructions 13
Section 3
Getting Started
Tray Mount Mechanical Drawing 14-15
Flush Mount Mechanical Drawing 16-17
3.1 Adjusting the Display 6
3.2 Adjustment Procedure 7-9
Section 8
Display Specifications
VT181CH Display Family
The VT181CH, VT181CH-IR, and VT181CHE-IR are part of a series of LCD replacement displays for the Honeywell TDC Universal Stations (US) Classic Style furniture.
The VT181CH displays are offered as chassis tray mount models and as flush mount models. The flush models mount to the Vartech Systems replacement console bezels or the Honeywell replacement console bezel for systems which have been upgraded to the 19" Sony monitor. The chassis tray models mount in the same method as the original CRT displays.
The VT181CH and VT181CH-IR displays are for stations that have EPDG video board and EPDG I/O Adapter board. These displays replace the 20" Aydin or Intecolor CRT displays. The VT181CH-IR is supplied complete with a replacement console bezel and new flat IR touch frame which is compatible with the original 20" touch frame being replaced.
The VT181CHE-IR displays are for stations that have PDG video board and PDG I/O Adapter board. The PDG I/O Adapter board must be Honeywell PN 51109394-100. The VT181CHE-IR replaces the 20" Electrohome and Aydin CRT displays. The VT181CHE-IR is supplied complete with a replacement console bezel and new flat IR touch frame which is compatible with the original 20" touch frame being replaced.
VT181CH / VT181CHE User Guide 150-066
Product Safety Precautions
Ensure that sufficient space is available around the display to provide the circulation
necessary for cooling.
Ensure that the ambient air temperature will not exceed the specified maximum
Do not attempt to service this display yourself. The rear chassis has a seal so that non
qualified personal will not expose themselves to dangerous voltages or other risks.
To protect from electrical shock, unplug the display power supply from the console before
Do not expose the display to excessive heat.
Do not use this display near water.
Unplug the power supply from the console or unit if one of the following conditions exists.
Power cord or plug is damaged or frayed Liquid is spilled into the display or the display is exposed to rain or water. The display does not operate normally when the operating instructions are
The display has been dropped or the enclosure has been damaged. The display exhibits a distinct change in performance, indicating a need for
VT181CH Series Display Features
Capable of displaying unlimited colors in a continuous spectrum. The high contrast LCD
enhances the image with no geometric distortion.
The Displays come with a HD15 Input Connector. The VT181CH also includes an HD15 to DB9
Video Adapter Cable. The VT181CHE-IR also includes an HD15 to 5BNC Video Adapter Cable.
The Displays are supplied with a remote membrane switch assembly that mounts to the front of
the console bezel for OSD controls.
The Display is supplied with an Anti-Reflective Screen.
The Display has an integrated 115/220VAC supply as standard on all models.
VT181CH / VT181CHE User Guide 150-066
Unpacking and setting up your display
Your LCD monitor package will consist of the basic components listed below. Depending on the display configuration, additional components are supplied.
What is included with your display
18.1” LCD Monitor
⇒ ⇒ Video adapter cable (HD15 to DB9 or HD15 to 5BNC) Accessory Kit: 2-Chassis stops; OSD Membrane Kit; Optional Chassis Brackets; IR touch
frame cable; VT181CH includes a HD15 to DB9 Video Adapter Cable; VT181CHE includes a HD15 to 5BNC Video Adapter Cable.
Users Guide (Printed or on CD)
Connecting the Display
1. Connect all cables to the station first. This would include the video adapter cable and the optional IR touch screen cable.
2. After connecting the cables between the LCD monitor and the station, plug the power cord into the display.
3. Switch on the display power switch.
4. Reboot the station.
5. Your display should now operate showing the station video information.
Note: The displays are factory OSD adjusted for each configuration. However, additional OSD adjustments may be required (See section 3).
Signal Connections
To avoid irregular operation and /or damage to the display, please insure correct video is being supplied as shown on the following page.
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