Transition Networks CPSMM-120 User Manual

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Single-Slot Master Management Module

Transition Networks CPSMM-120 Single-Slot master management module enables network management of a single PointSystem™ chassis (CPSMC0200-2x0, CPSMC0800-100, CPSMC13xx-100, CPSMC18xx-xxx and CPSMC19xx-100) and any installed media converter slide-in-modules.

The CPSMM-120 includes Transition Networks CPSMM100 firmware embedded in the module, which can be accessed via the DB-9 serial port or the 10Base-T RJ-45 Ethernet port.

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CPSMM-120 Single-Slot Master Management Module

The figure below illustrates the components of the CPSMM-120 management module:

A panel fastener screw that secures the management module to the

Pointsystem™ chassis.

PWR (power), LINK, RX (receive), and TX (transmit) LED indicators.

A reset switch, which resets ONLY the CPSMM-120 management module (not the chassis in which it is installed).

A 10Base-T RJ-45 Ethernet port, through which the management module communicates, using the Ethernet network, with a remote Network management Station (NMS) or with a Telnet connection

A DB-9 serial port, through which the management module communicates with the command-line interface.

Panel Fastener Screw








Reset Switch









RJ-45 Ethernet Port



DB-9 Serial Port




Application CD

The enclosed application CD contains:

1.CPSMM100 Firmware, which includes:

a Command-Line Interface (CLI),

a Telnet server,

a Web browser, and

an SNMP agent.

2.FocalPoint™ 2.0 Management Application, which can be used to monitor and control the PointSystem™ chassis from a remote location.

3.A User’s Guide, which describes in detail how to use both the

CPSMM100 firmware and the FocalPoint™ 2.0 management application.

Installing the CPSMM-120

The CPSMM-120 management module is designed to be installed into a Transition Networks PointSystem™ chassis to enable network management of any media converter slide-in-modules installed in the chassis. The following chassis are available:

CPSMC0200-100, 2-slot PointSystem™ chassis

CPSMC0800-100, 8-slot PointSystem™ chassis

CPSMC13xx-100, 13-slot PointSystem™ chassis

CPSMC18xx-xxx, 18-slot PointSystem™ chassis

CPSMC19xx-100, 19-slot PointSystem™ chassis



The CPSMM-120 management module is installed



in one of the Transition Network PointSystemTM chassis.



(Configuration for the 13-slot, 18-slot, or 19-slot chassis is shown here.)

















Redundant Management

Two CPSMM-120 management modules may be installed in the same network. In this set-up, the two modules auto-negotiate; where one is the primary module while the other is in stand-by mode. If the primary module fails, the stand-by module automatically takes over and manages the network.

Replacing the CPSMM-120

The CPSMM-120 can be hot-swapped, that is, the CPSMM-120 can be replaced while the PointSystem™ chassis is powered. However, please note that:

If there are two management modules installed in the same network, the stand-by module will continue to manage the network while the primary module is replaced. Also, the stand-by module will retain all network settings.

If there is only one management module installed, all SNMP management operations will cease once the module is removed. The newly installed management module must be reconfigured to resume network management.

For more information on installing and replacing the CPSMM-120, see the user’s guide for the chassis in which the module will be installed. The chassis manuals can be found on the Transition Network website at:


24-hour Technical Support: 1-800-260-1312 - International: 00-1-952-941-7600 -- Click the “Transition Now” link for a live Web chat.


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