Russell Hobbs 10881 User Manual


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satin range

coffee/tea maker

model no. 10881 instructions and guarantee

Russell Hobbs 10881 User Manual

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Read these instructions before using your coffee maker, and keep them safe. If you pass the coffee maker on, pass on the instructions too.

Remove all packaging, but keep it till you’re sure the coffee maker is working.

Important safeguards

Follow basic safety precautions, including:

1.Don’t put the coffee maker in water, don’t use it in a bathroom or near any source of water, and don’t use it outdoors.

2.This coffee maker should only be used by or under the supervision of a responsible adult.

3.Store and use the coffee maker out of reach of children.

4.Stand the coffee maker on a firm, level, heat-resistant surface, close to a power socket, and out of reach of children.

5.Liquid will remain hot for some considerable time after the machine is switched off. This can present a scald hazard — keep the coffee maker, the flasks, and the mains lead away from the edge of worktops and out of reach of children.

6.Route the mains lead so it doesn’t overhang and can’t be tripped over or caught accidentally.

7.Push excess mains lead into the storage space beneath the coffee maker.

8.Unplug the coffee maker when not in use, before moving and before cleaning. Let it cool down fully before cleaning and before storing away.

9.Don’t overfill the coffee maker — you’ll spill hot liquid.

10.Don’t underfill it either — you’ll burn out the element.

11.Put the flask(s) on the drip tray before switching the coffee maker on.

12.If you need to stop the operating cycle, press the switch. The light in the switch will go out. Before adding water or reusing the coffee maker, let it cool down for 10 minutes.

13.Don’t use the coffee maker for any purpose other than those described in these instructions.

14.Keep the coffee maker, flasks, and mains lead away from hotplates, hobs, and burners.

15.Don’t put the flask(s) in a microwave oven (or any other kind of oven).

16.Don’t use accessories or attachments other than those we provide.

17.Don’t use the coffee maker if it’s damaged or malfunctions. If the mains lead or plug is damaged, the coffee maker must be returned in order to avoid hazard — see “After sales service” on page 7.

Household use only

Before using for the first time

Wash away any dust that might have gathered inside the machine.

Using the instructions which follow, fill the water tank to the 2 mark and operate the coffee maker without coffee. When it’s finished, discard the hot water and clean the coffee maker — page 6, “Care and maintenance”.


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