Russell Hobbs 10444 User Manual


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Model No. 10444

Instructions and guarantee

Russell Hobbs 10444 User Manual

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Read these instructions before using your Espresso Maker and keep them in a safe place for future reference. If you pass the Espresso Maker on to anyone else, pass on the instructions too. Remove all packaging, but keep it until you’re satisfied that the Espresso Maker is working.

Important safeguards

When using electrical appliances, follow basic safety precautions, including:

1.Take care — the espresso maker uses steam under pressure.

2.Don’t try to remove the pressure cap while the espresso maker is working.

3.Release all pressure after use and before trying to remove the pressure cap.

4.The espresso maker must always be supervised while switched on.

5.The espresso maker must be used only by a responsible adult.

6.Don’t put it in water, don’t use it in a bathroom or near any

source of water, and don’t use it outdoors.

7.Don’t touch hot surfaces (carafe, filter holder or steam pipe), use handles/knobs.

8.Take care to avoid contact with steam when using the milk frother.

9.Fill with at least 2 cups of water, but not more than one carafe-full.

10.Don’t overfill. If overfilled, boiling water or steam may be ejected.

11.Use only clean, cold, fresh water, don’t fill with milk or any other liquid.

12.Before refilling the espresso maker, switch it off, let it cool down for a couple of minutes, then release the pressure before removing the pressure cap (“Releasing steam” on page 6).

13.Don’t interfere with the espresso maker while it’s brewing. If you need to stop it for any reason, turn off the heating, unplug it, let it cool down, then release the pressure (“Releasing steam” on page 6).

16.Position the espresso on a firm, level, heat-resistant surface, close to a power socket and out of reach of children.

17.Route the mains lead so that it doesn’t overhang and can’t be caught accidentally.

18.Keep the espresso maker and the mains lead away from hot surfaces, hotplates, hot hobs and burners.

20.Unplug the espresso maker when not in use, before moving and before cleaning. Let it cool down and release the pressure (“Releasing steam” on page 6) before moving or cleaning.

21.Don’t use accessories or attachments other than those we provide.

22.Don’t use the espresso maker for any purpose other than those described in these instructions.

23.Don’t operate this appliance after it malfunctions or if the power cord or plug is damaged. There are no user-serviceable parts. If the mains lead is damaged, the coffee maker must be returned in order to avoid hazard.

24.Don’t try to reposition the handle on the carafe, you’ll break the glass.

Household use only


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