Philips FC6722 User Manual [ru]

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Philips FC6722 User Manual

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Important safety information

Read this important information carefully before you use the appliance and its accessories and save it for future reference. The accessories supplied may vary for different products.


-Never vacuum up water or any other liquid. Never vacuum up flammable substances and do not vacuum up ashes until they are cold.

-Never immerse the appliance or the adapter in water or any other liquid, nor rinse it under the tap.


-Check if the voltage indicated on the adapter corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance.

-Always check the appliance before you use it. Do not use the appliance or the adapter if it is damaged. Always replace a damaged part with one of the original type.

-The adapter contains a transformer. Do not cut off the adapter to replace it with another plug, as this causes a hazardous situation.

-This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

-Always keep the magnetic charging disc away from very small children.

-The plug must be removed from the socketoutlet before cleaning or maintaining the appliance.

-Unplug the adapter if you are not going to use the appliance for some time.

-Do not let the motorized brush move over the mains cords of other appliances or other cables as this may cause a hazard.

-Keep loose clothing, hair and body parts away from the motorized brushes.

-Do not cover or block the ventilation openings when the appliance is operating.

-To prevent damage, do not use the appliance if the filter is not present in the dust container.

-Do not block the appliance inlet when operating.

-This appliance contains a rechargeable battery that can only be replaced by a skilled person. Do not open the appliance to replace the rechargeable battery.

-The rechargeable battery may only be replaced by qualified service engineers. Take the appliance to an authorized Philips service center to have the battery replaced when you can no longer recharge it or when it runs out of power quickly.

-Do not store the appliance at a temperature above 40 °C or below 5 °C.

-Do not use the appliance in a room with a temperature above 40 °C.

-Do not incinerate, disassemble or expose the appliance to temperatures above 60 °C. The rechargeable battery may explode if overheated.

-This vacuum cleaner is designed for household use only. Do not use this vacuum cleaner to vacuum up building waste, cement dust, ashes, fine sand, lime and similar substances. Never use the vacuum cleaner without any of the filters. This could damage the motor and shorten the life of the vacuum cleaner. Always clean all parts of the vacuum cleaner as shown in the user manual. Do not clean any parts with water and/or cleaning agents if this is not specifically shown in the user manual.


-Only charge the appliance with the adapter supplied. Only use 25V adapter ZD12D250050EU or 29V adapter ZD12D290050EU.

-During charging, the adapter becomes warm to the touch. This is normal.

-Do not plug in, unplug or operate the appliance with wet hands.

-Do not remove the adapter from the wall socket by pulling at the cord (Fig. 1). Always unplug the appliance by first detaching the magnetic connector from the magnetic charging disk (Fig. 2).

-Always switch off the appliance after use and before you charge it.

-Never block the exhaust air openings during vacuuming.

-Do not clean the dust container and the dust container lid in the dishwasher. They are not dishwasher-proof.

-Make sure to wash the sponge filter at least once every two weeks to ensure best performance.

-Do not clean the filter with scouring pads or abrasive cleaning agents.

-Always use the vacuum cleaner with the filter unit assembled.

-If you clean the filter with water, make sure that it is completely dry before you put it back into the dust container. Do not dry the filter in direct sunlight, on the radiator or in the tumble dryer.

-Replace the filter if it can no longer be cleaned properly or if it is damaged (see 'Ordering accessories').

-Use and store the appliance at a temperature between 5 °C and 40 °C.

-Make sure that the appliance is installed with the wall fixture mounted to the wall according to the instructions in the user manual.

-Be careful when you drill holes in the wall to attach the wall fixture, to avoid the risk of electric shock.

-If you use the appliance to vacuum fine sand, lime, cement dust and similar substances, the pores of the filter will become blocked. Clean the filter regularly.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

This Philips appliance complies with all applicable standards and regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Ordering accessories

To buy accessories or spare parts, visit accessories or go to your Philips dealer. You can also contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country (see the international warranty leaflet for contact details).

Warranty and support

If you need information or support, please visit or read the international warranty leaflet.


-This symbol means that this product shall not be disposed of with normal household waste (2012/19/EU) (Fig. 3).

-This symbol means that this product contains a built-in rechargeable battery which shall not be disposed of with normal household waste (Fig. 4) (2006/66/EC). Please take your product to an official collection point or a Philips service center to have a professional remove the rechargeable battery.

-Follow your country’s rules for the separate collection of electrical and electronic products and rechargeable batteries. Correct disposal helps prevent negative consequences for the environment and human health.

Removing the rechargeable battery

Only remove the rechargeable battery when you discard the product. Before you remove the battery, make sure that the product is disconnected from the wall socket and that the battery is completely empty.

Take any necessary safety precautions when you handle tools to open the product and when you dispose of the rechargeable battery.

1Remove the dust container from the appliance.

2Pull the display cover from the top of the handgrip (Fig. 5).

3Undo the screw of the handle cover and pull the handle cover off the appliance (Fig. 6).

4Undo the bottom cover screw (1) and then remove the side panels. (Fig. 7)

5Remove the bottom cover screws on the left and right side (1). Then remove the bottom cover (2) (Fig. 8).

6Disconnect the battery connector and the display connector from the printed circuit board (Fig. 9).

7Undo the battery frame screws (Fig. 10).

8Remove the battery from the appliance and dispose of it according to the rules (Fig. 11).


This chapter summarizes the most common problems you could encounter with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information below, visit for a list of frequently asked questions or contact the Consumer Care Center in your country.


Possible cause





The appliance does not work when I push the button.

When the battery is empty,the bottom segment of the display flashes red.

To charge the battery, connect the appliance to the charging base or attach the handheld vacuum cleaner directly to the magnet on the charging base.


You have to push the

Push the slider forward to


slider forward to

setting 1 to switch on.


switch on the

Increase the suction power



further by pushing the slider



to setting 2 to clean dirty







The appliance has

The filter and the

Clean the filter and the

a lower suction

cyclone are dirty.

cyclone. Make sure that you

power than usual.


wash the sponge filter at



least once every two weeks if



you use the appliance








You have not

Make sure that you attach


attached the dust

the dust container lid to the


container lid properly

dust container and the dust


to the dust container.

container to the appliance


You have not



attached the dust



container to the



appliance properly.



In both cases, there



will be a loss of



suction power.






An object may be

Remove the tube and check


stuck inside the tube.

for blockages.




Dust escapes from

The filter is dirty.

Clean the filter.

the appliance.







The filter is not

Make sure that the filter is in


present in the

the appliance and assembled








Something blocks

Check the cyclone for objects


the cyclone.

stuck in it and remove any



object that blocks the








If dust falls out of the

Empty the dust container and


dust container, the

attach the dust container lid


dust container lid is



probably not



attached properly to



the dust container.





The appliance does

You selected a too

Reduce the suction power by

not move smoothly

high suction power.

choosing setting 1.

across the floor



when cleaning a









The brush does not

The brush

Clean the brush with a pair of

turn anymore.

encounters too much

scissors or by hand.








The brush may stop

Switch off the appliance and


turning when it

then switch it back on again.


encounters too much



resistance from high-



pile carpet.






You have not

Follow the instructions in the


installed the roller

cleaning chapter of the user


brush in the nozzle

manual to slide the roller


properly after

brush into the nozzle



properly and secure it inside



the nozzle by snapping home



the locking lever.

FC6727, FC6726,

You have not

FC6725, FC6723:

attached the nozzle

The LEDs in the

to the appliance or

nozzle do not

handheld properly.

come on.


Attach the nozzle to the appliance or handheld properly.

The appliance is

The magnetic

not charging.

connector is not not


connected correctly


to the charging disk


or the adapter is not


inserted into the wall


socket properly.

Make sure that the magnetic connector is connected properly to the charging disk and that the adapter is inserted into the wall socket properly.


You have not

Make sure that you use the


connected the

correct adapter and cord.


correct adapter and










If you have checked the



above and the appliance still



does not charge, take it to a



Philips service center or



contact the Consumer Care



Center via




FC6727, FC6726:

The roller brush is

Remove hairs from the brush

The mini turbo


with a pair of scissors (see

brush does not


user manual).

function properly.







The roller brush is

Keep the mini turbo brush


blocked by fabric or

aligned with the surface and


surfaces during

do not push the turbo brush



into soft surfaces.





The mini turbo brush

Make sure that the top and


is not fully closed.

bottom parts of the mini



turbo brush are properly



connected and there is no



gap between the two parts.



Check if the locking ring is in



closed position (see user







When I use my

Your vacuum cleaner

Discharge the appliance by

vacuum cleaner I

builds up static

frequently holding the tube

sometimes feel

electricity. The lower

against other metal objects in

static electricity

the air humidity, the

the room (for example the


more static electricity

legs of a table or chair, etc.).


the appliance builds

You can also raise the air



humidity level in the room.





You vacuumed up

Empty the dust container and


fine sand, lime or a

clean the filter according to


similar substance.

the instructions in the user


This also causes



static electricity.





The bottom

The battery is empty.

To charge the battery,

segment of the


connect the appliance to the

display flashes red.


charging base or attach the



handheld vacuum cleaner



directly to the magnet on the



charging base.




All segments of the

An error has

First try to recharge the

display flash


appliance, empty the dust



container and clean the filter.



If this does not help, take the



appliance to a Philips service



center or contact the



Consumer Care Center via


Важные сведения о безопасности - Дополнение к эксплуатационной документации

Перед началом эксплуатации прибора и аксессуаров к нему внимательно ознакомьтесь с этой важной информацией и сохраните ее для дальнейшего использования в качестве справочного материала. Входящие в комплект аксессуары могут различаться в зависимости от вида продукта.


-Запрещается убирать при помощи пылесоса воду и другие жидкости. Запрещается применять пылесос для уборки огнеопасных веществ или неостывшего пепла.

-Запрещается погружать прибор или адаптер в воду или в любую другую жидкость, а также промывать их под краном.


-Перед подключением прибора убедитесь, что номинальное напряжение, указанное на адаптере, соответствует напряжению местной электросети.

-Перед использованием всегда проверяйте прибор. Не используйте прибор или адаптер, если они повреждены. Для замены поврежденной детали выбирайте оригинальные комплектующие.

-В конструкцию адаптера входит трансформатор. Запрещается заменять оригинальный штекер адаптера: это опасно.

-Данным прибором могут пользоваться дети старше 8 лет и лица с ограниченными возможностями сенсорной системы или ограниченными умственными или физическими способностями, а также лица с недостаточным опытом и знаниями, но только под присмотром других лиц или после инструктирования о безопасном использовании прибора и потенциальных опасностях. Не позволяйте детям играть с прибором. Дети могут осуществлять очистку и уход за прибором только под присмотром взрослых.

-Всегда храните магнитный зарядный диск в месте, недоступном для маленьких детей.

-Перед очисткой или выполнением технического обслуживания прибора всегда извлекайте вилку из розетки электросети.

-Если вы не планируете пользоваться прибором в течение длительного времени, отсоедините адаптер.

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