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Kenwood TS-570-DG User Manual

Advanced Digital Technology for Everyone

Kenwood has brought the best of HF DSP technology out of the clouds and into the hands of everyone with the new TS-570D(G) and TS-570S(G) (HF+6m). The G series represents the latest advancements in HF radio design from Kenwood, and is even available as an upgrade to pre-existing TS-570 units.



Kenwood’s TS-570D/S(G) with Advanced Technology Upgrade

16-bit AF-stage DSP delivers superb audio quality on both transmit and receive Adjustable transmit sound quality and NR1 Noise Reduction System

Digital filtering with 3 new CW DSP filters give you the edge when conditions are tough Compact enough for mobiling, yet large enough to build a station around

Compatible with the Kenwood Sky Command System, offering the convenience of handheld remote control.

High-end radio technology doesn’t mean a high-end budget anymore — Kenwood

delivers it today with the all-new TS-570D(G) and TS-570S(G) (HF+6m). With 16-bit DSP technology, untouchable digital filtering, heavy-duty transmitter design, a Central Frequency Control System for near-perfect stability, and a large LCD display section coupled with an ergonomically-optimized human interface, the TS-570D/S(G) provides a clean and powerful operating experience. All of this wrapped up in a compact and efficient package makes the TS-570D/S(G) the perfect choice for home or mobiling in your car, RV or boat.

AF-stage Digital Signal Processing

Interference Reduction

AF-stage digital signal processing provides extensive control over received signals by identifying and filtering interference using digital algorithms. This results in interference reduction capabilities simply not attainable with analog designs. In addition, the new NR1 system is operator-adjustable in 9-step increments, or it can be assigned to track input signal strength automatically. Both the NR1 and NR2 settings now track when changing mode groups

(eg. SSB/AM/FM

CW/FSK). The

Dual Selectable

Cancel (BC) function also works against intermittent beat interference (except in CW mode).

In SSB/AM/FM modes you can select a Hi/Low cut DSP slope tune using up to 441 possible combinations. In CW and FSK, the DSP acts as a VBT (Variable Band Tuning) that alters passband width, for rejection of nearby signals. The super-narrow CW filter (50 Hz) enables effective filtering even during very crowded conditions, with its center frequency tied to the pitch frequency so they track together. The G model also incorporates 3 new CW DSP filters: 80 Hz, 150 Hz, 500 Hz, for a total of 11 user-selectable filters. You can now also use the “One-touch” DSP filter wide mode to instantly check band conditions when operating in narrow mode.

When used in conjunction with the equalizer, the CW filter reduces ringing to almost undetectable levels.

There are also 3 optional fil-

ters that can be easily installed (one at a time) to acquire various IF filter bandwidth selections (see optional accessories). The DSP also pro-


SPAC (Speech Processing by Auto Correlation) Method (NR2) for CW. The Line Enhancer Method automatically forms a filter shape around

the target signal for



a custom, dynamic







noise reduction cap-





ability. In conditions





where weak CW






signals are buried deep





in the noise, the SPAC Method has the ability to pull them out with either the 20 milli-second or 7.5 milli-second correlation time settings.

In addition, the DSP Beat Cancel function suppresses multiple beats on SSB, FM and AM

for 40-meter

On 6m too!


100 watts

Preset Auto

Antenna Tuner


TS-570S(G) HF+6m Transceiver (Accessories sold separately.)

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