JAMO D-7-SUR User Manual

JAMO D-7-SUR User Manual


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Jamo D 7SUR

The D 7 is a THX Ultra2 system designed for easy integration in a ‘real world’ living room. As well as probably being the most compact Ultra2 system in the world, it is also designed to look good in its own right, with a fully integrated feel to every aspect.

The surround speaker has five separate drivers. When D 7SUR is correctly mounted on the side walls of your home cinema, they will direct sound forward, backward and out into the room, creating a perfect 3-dimensional sound picture.

D 7SUR is a true dipolar speaker with an array of one 25mm / 1” tweeter and two 65mm/2.5” midranges in each side of the speaker. In a conventional dipole speaker you would experience poor bass reproduction due to the phase cancellation effect between the two woofers

– we have solved this problem by having only one 140mm/5.5” in woofer mounted in the middle of the cabinet. Naturally all drivers are the same as used in the D 7LCR for perfect timbre matching.

Dual Concentric Diaphragm

The totally unique tweeter features a clamped dual-concentric diaphragm and ventilated magnet system. Among other benefits, this extends the frequency range to a very low 1 kHz, allowing a smooth and seamless transition with the midrange, and then all the way up to 40 kHz, making it compatible with new digital multichannel sound formats. The voice coil is copperplated aluminum wire, combining the low weight of aluminum with the superior conducting qualities of copper, and making magnetic oil for cooling and resonance damping unnecessary.

Aluminum Center Plug

The aluminum center plug replaces the traditional dust cap, making the cone lighter and faster. This also prevents sonic break-up as well as pressure swings behind the dust cap as the cone moves, resulting in more dynamic and precise sound reproduction. The aluminum centre plug cools the voice coil, providing increased power-handling capability and stable sound reproduction no matter how high the volume.




Three-way dipole

Woofer (mm/in)

140 / 5.5

Midrange (mm/in)

65 / 2.5 x4

Tweeter (mm/in)

25 / 1 x2

Sensitivity (dB – 2.8V / 1m)


Impedance (Ohm)

4 Ohms

Weight (kg/lb)

7.3 / 16.1

Dimensions (HxWxD mm/in)

265 x 508 x 126 / 10.4 x 20 x 5

Power (Long Term/Short Term)

100W / 250W

Terminal Type

Gold plated binding posts

Frequency Range (Hz)



Stone Grey