Jabra GN2100 USB, GN2100 IP User Manual

Ultralight design. Outstanding IP telephony sound quality.
The Jabra GN2100 USB and Jabra GN2100 IP are part of our award-winning headset series for business and contact center professionals using IP telephony. In fact, many users say that its excellent sound quality gives them the feel­ing they’re having a “face to face” conversation. Moreover, the headset’s sleek profile and lightweight, ergonomic design provide a unique combination of style and comfort.
Hardwired USB for PC-based IP telephony with Jabra GN2100 USB
Exclusive lightweight design
Award-winning headset design
Noise-canceling microphone for the noisy environments
Providing the ultimate in Hi-Fi stereo sound, the Jabra GN2100 USB is a 100% plug-and-play, Microsoft Windows® certified headset. It comes complete with in-line sound controls for use with PC-based IP telephony, our outstand­ing flex boom arm and a noise-canceling microphone which eliminates unnecessary background noises.
Jabra GN2100 Series also features our PeakStop™ technology, which protects users from harmful sound spikes and other loud noises over 118 dB SPL (RMS). And the large, ultra-soft leatherette ear cushions and our popular light­weight headband make it as comfortable to wear as it is safe to use.
The Jabra GN2100 Series is also available in a variant for use with conventional desk telephones.
Jabra GN2100 USB
Jabra GN2100 IP
Feature Benefit
Ultra lightweight design Greater calling comfort throughout the day – a must for busy professionals who spend a lot of time on the phone.
Strong design:
Lab tested boom-arm construction
More than 1,000,000 units used worldwide
Lightweight, ultra-soft leatherette ear cushions All-day calling comfort, plus improved acoustic coupling so customers are clearly heard the very first time.
High-quality noise-canceling microphone Noise-canceling technology filters out unwanted background noise so there is less need to isolate users in individual
Adjustable flex boom Sleek and stylish design is as elegant as it is practical.
PeakStop™ technology – max. 118 dB SPL (RMS)* according to UL-60950 standards
Optimized frequency response:
80 – 15,000 Hz
Compatibility The Jabra GN2100 USB is compatible with:
* Sound Pressure Level (Root Mean Square)
The Jabra GN2100 meets the electric strength test and impulse test requirements of the international standard IEC 60950-1. It also meets EN 60950, AS/NZS3260 and UL 60950 standards.
High-quality construction ensures long useful lifetime.
cubicles. Better outbound communication with less “office” noise helps personalize service.
Protection against sudden, loud noises coming across the telephone network.
Superbly clear audio for both PC-based IP telephony and PC audio applications.
Microsoft Windows
Jabra GN2100 IP
Jabra GN2100 USB
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