Goldstar FFH-979AX, FFH-V586AX, FFH-V3865AX, FFH-1079AX, FFH-879AX Service Manual

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Goldstar FFH-979AX, FFH-V586AX, FFH-V3865AX, FFH-1079AX, FFH-879AX Service Manual




1.Notes for transport and storage

1)The pick-up should always be left in its conductive bag until immediately prior to use.

2)The pick-up should never be subjected to external pressure or impact.

Storage in conductive bag

Drop impact

2.Repair notes

1)The pick-up incorporates a strong magnet, and so should never be brought close to magnetic materials.

2)The pick-up should always be handled correctly and carefully, taking care to avoid external pressure and impact. If it is subjected to strong pressure or impact, the result may be an operational malfunction and/or damage to the printed-circuit board.

3)Each and every pick-up is already individually adjusted to a high degree of precision, and for that reason the adjustment point and installation screws should absolutely never be touched.

4)Laser beams may damage the eyes!

Absolutely never permit laser beams to enter the eyes!

Also NEVER switch ON the power to the laser output part (lens, etc.) of the pick-up if it is damaged.

NEVER look directly at the laser beam, and don’t let contact fingers or other exposed skin.

5)Cleaning the lens surface

If there is dust on the lens surface, the dust should be cleaned away by using an air bush (such as used for camera lens). The lens is held by a delicate spring. When cleaning the lens surface, therefore, a cotton swab should be used, taking care not to distort this.





How to hold the pick-up

Cotton swab

Conductive Sheet

6)Never attempt to disassemble the pick-up.

Spring by excess pressure. If the lens is extremely dirty, apply isopropyl alcohol to the cotton swab. (Do not use any other liquid cleaners, because they will damage the lens.) Take care not to use too much of this alcohol on the swab, and do not allow the alcohol to get inside the pick-up.

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