Goldstar DH504EL, GD40E, DH404E User Manual

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it thoroughly.


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Dehumidifier Owner’s Manual


Safety Precautions .......................


Prior to Operation .........................


Instruction .....................................


Electrical Safety ............................


Operating Instructions ...............




Maintenance and Service...........



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Inside you will find many helpful hints on how to use and maintain your dehumidifier properly. Just a little preventive care on your part can save you a great deal of time and money over the life of your dehumidifier.

You'll find many answers to common problems in the chart of troubleshooting tips. If you review our chart of

Troubleshooting Tips first, you may not need to call for service at all.


Contact the authorized service technician for repair or maintenance of this unit.

Contact the installer for installation of this unit.

The dehumidifier is not intended for use by young children or invalids without supervision.

Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the dehumidifier.

When the power cord is to be replaced, replacement work shall be performed by authorized personnel only using only genuine replacement parts.

2 Dehumidifier

Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

Read all instruction before using

To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed.

Incorrect operation due to ignoring instructions will cause harm or damage; the seriousness is classified by the following indications.


This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.




This symbol indicates the possibility of injury or damage to property only.

■ Meanings of symbols used in this manual are as shown below.




Be sure not to do.








Be sure to follow the instruction.


























Do not place the power cord

Do not use the power cord near

Do not disassemble or modify

near a heater.

flammable gas or combustibles





such as gasoline, benzene,





thinner, etc.


• It may cause fire and electric

• It may cause explosion or fire.

• It may cause electric shock and





Plug in the power plug

Do not operate or stop the unit

Do not damage or use an


by inserting or pulling out the

unspecified power cord.


power plug.


• Otherwise, it will cause electric

• It will cause electric shock or fire.

• It will cause electric shock or fire.

shock or fire.





Owner’s Manual 3

Goldstar DH504EL, GD40E, DH404E User Manual

Safety Precautions

Do not modify power cord length.

• It will cause electric shock or fire.

Unplug the unit if strange sounds, odors, or smoke come from it.

Otherwise it may cause a fire or an electric shock.

Ventilate before operating defumidifier when gas goes out.

It may cause explosion, fire, and burn.

Do not share the outlet with other appliances.

• It will cause electric shock or fire.

Do not use the socket if it is loose or damaged.

• It may cause fire and electric

Do not clean the dehumidifier with water.

Water may enter the unit and degrade the insulation. It may cause an electric shock.

Always plug into a grounded outlet.

No grounding may cause electric shock.

Do not operate with wet hands or in damp environment.

• It may cause electric shock.

Turn off the power and breaker first when cleaning the unit.

Since the fan rotates at high speed during operation, it may cause injury.

If water enters the product, turn off the dehumidifier's power switch. Contact service center after taking the power-plug out from the socket.

• It will cause machine failure or electric shock.

4 Dehumidifier

Safety Precautions



Never touch the metal parts of the unit when removing the filter.

They are sharp and may cause injury.

Turn off the main power switch when not using the dehumidifier for a long time.

It will waste power consumption in vain and it may cause an accident.

Install the dehumidifier properly on a floor, table, or shelf that is level and strong enough to support it when the water collection bucket is full.

It should withstand around 90 lbs (40kg) of weight.

Do not block the inlet or outlet.

It may cause failure of appliance or performance deterioration.

Secure wheels with blocks to prevent unit from falling when installed on a table or shelf.

It may damage the dehumidifier or cause other damage or injury.

Close all doors, windows and other outside openings to the room.

The dehumidifier must be operated in an enclosed area to be most effective.

Hold the plug by the head when taking it out.

It may cause electric shock and damage.

Make sure the dehumidifier is the correct size for the area you want to dehumidify.

It is not designed to dehumidify the entire house.


Owner’s Manual 5

Safety Precautions


Use a soft cloth to clean. Do not

Be sure to replace the bucket

use wax, thinner, or a strong

properly after emptying to


prevent water from collecting


on the floor.

• The appearance of the

• Otherwise, it will cause property

dehumidifier may deteriorate,


change color, or develop surface







Do not operate satisfactorily if the room temperature is below 65°F(18°C).

The Low Temperature model will continuously cycle up to temperature 42°F(6°C)

Low temperatures could cause coils to frost.

Do not put a pet or house plant where it will be exposed to direct air flow.

• This could injure the pet or plant.

Always insert the filter securely. Clean it every two weeks.

Operation without filters will cause failure.

Do not use this appliance for special purposes such as pets, foods, precision machinery, or art objects.

It is a general use appliance not precision equipment.

Do not use the water collected in the bucket for drinking purposes.

It is not sanitary and could cause illness or personal injury.

6 Dehumidifier

Prior to Operation

Prior to Operation

Preparingfor operation

1.Consult an installation specialist for installation.

2.Plug in the power plug properly.

3.Use a dedicated circuit.

4.Do not use an extension cord.

5.Do not start/stop operation by plugging/unplugging the power cord.

6.If the cord/plug is damaged, only replace it with an authorized replacement part.


1.Being exposed to direct airflow for an extended period of time could be hazardous to your health. Do not expose occupants, pets, or plants to direct airflow for extended periods of time.

2.Ventilate the room when the dehumidifier is used with other heating devices. Otherwise the oxygen supply may be inadequate.

3.Do not use this dehumidifier for non-specified special purposes (e.g. preserving precision devices, food, pets, plants, and art objects). Such usage could damage the items.


1.Do not touch the metal parts of the unit when removing the filter. Injuries can occur when handling sharp metal edges.

2.Do not use water to clean inside the dehumidifier. Exposure to water can destroy the insulation, leading to possible electric shock.

3.When cleaning the unit, first make sure that the power and breaker are turned off. The fan rotates at a very high speed during operation. There is a possibility of injury if the unit’s power is accidently turned on while the interior of the unit is being cleaned.


For repair and maintenance, contact your authorized service dealer.


Owner’s Manual 7




This symbol alerts you to the risk of electric shock.

This symbol alerts you to hazards that could cause harm to the dehumidifier.

NOTICE This symbol indicates special notes.


WARNING: This appliance should be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations. This guide acts as a guide to help to explain product features.

Control panel



Front Grille


Rear Grille



Air Filter







Power cord


Water bucket



8 Dehumidifier

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

WARNING: This appliance must be properly grounded.

The power cord of this appliance is equipped with a three-prong grounding plug. To minimize the risk of electric shock, use the plug with a standard three-slot grounding wall power outlet. If the power outlet does not include a grounding slot, have a qualified electrician replace the outlet before you use the dehumidifier.

Preferred method

Ensure proper ground exists before use

WARNING: Do not cut or remove the grounding prong from the power plug.

WARNING: Attaching the adapter ground terminal to the wall receptacle cover screw does not ground the appliance unless the cover screw is metal and not insulated, and the wall receptacle is grounded through the house wiring.

WARNING: If you have any doubt whether the dehumidifier is properly grounded, have the wall receptacle and circuit checked by a qualified electrician.


Owner’s Manual 9

Electrical Safety

TemporaryUse ofanAdapter

We strongly discourage the use of an adapter due to potential safety hazards. For temporary connections, use only a UL-listed adapter, available from most local hardware stores. To disconnect the power cord from the adapter, use one hand on each to avoid damaging the ground terminal. Avoid frequently unplugging the power cord as this can lead to eventual ground terminal damage.

Temporary method

Adapter Plug

Metal Screw

Receptacle Cover

WARNING: Never use the appliance with a broken adapter.

TemporaryUse ofanExtensionCord

We strongly discourage the use of an extension cord due to potential safety hazards.

10 Dehumidifier

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