Desa Td125, Td126, Td127, Td128 User Manual

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Propane/LP Patio Heater
Owner’s Manual
outdoor use only.
TD125, TD126, TD127 AND TD128
IMPORTANT: Read and understand this manual before assembling, starting or servicing heater. Improper use of heater can cause serious injury. Keep this manual for future reference.
Do not store or use gasoline or other ammable vapors
and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
If you smell gas:
1. Shut off gas to the appliance.
2. Extinguish any open ame.
3. If odor continues, immediately call your gas supplier.
Save this manual for future reference.
For more information, visit
WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, altera-
tion, service or maintenance can cause injury, property damage, or death. Read the installation, operating, and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.
Specications ...................................................... 2
Safety .................................................................. 2
Propane/LP Safety .............................................. 4
Unpacking Heater ................................................ 4
Assembly ............................................................. 5
Checking for Leaks .............................................. 8
Locating Heater ................................................... 9
Operation ............................................................. 9
Storage .............................................................. 10
Servicing .............................................................11
Replacement Parts .............................................11
Technical Service................................................11
Parts .................................................................. 12
Warranty ............................................................ 16


• Rating: 40,000 Btu/hr (11.7 kW)
• Type of Gas: Propane/LP Only
Gas Supply Pressure to Regulator:
• Gas Supply Pressure Regulator Out: 11" W.C. (2.74 kPa)
• Ignition: TD125 Electronic Ignition, TD126, TD127, TD128 Manual Ignition
• Fuel Consumption: 1.8 lbs./hr (0.9 kg/hr)
• Flame Safety: Thermocouple Operated Gas Valve
Maximum - 150 psi (1034.2 kPa), Minimum - 5 psi (34.5 kPa)


WARNING: This product contains and/or generates chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproduc­tive harm.
WARNING: Not for home or recreational vehicle use.
WARNING: Fire, burn, inhala­tion, and explosion hazard. Keep solid combustibles, such as build­ing materials, paper or cardboard, a safe distance away from the heater as recommended by the instructions. Never use the heater in spaces which do or may contain volatile or airborne combustibles, or products such as gasoline, sol­vents, paint thinner, dust particles or unknown chemicals.
We cannot foresee every use which may be made of our heaters. Check with your local
re safety authority if you have questions
about heater use. Other standards govern the use of fuel gases
and heat producing products for specific uses. Your local authorities can advise you about these.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Direct-Fired means that all of the combustion products enter the heated space. Even though this heater operates very close to 100 % combus-
tion efciency, it still produces small amounts
of carbon monoxide. Some people are more affected by carbon monoxide than others. Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning
resemble the u, with headaches, dizziness, and/or nausea. If you have these signs, the
heater may not be working properly. Get fresh air at once! Check for proper ventilation and
have heater serviced. Propane Gas: Propane gas is odorless. An
odor-making agent is added to propane gas. The odor helps you detect a propane gas
leak. However, the odor added to propane
gas can fade. Propane gas may be present even though no odor exists.
This is a propane, direct-red heater. Propane
is heavier than air. If propane leaks from a
connection or tting, it sinks to the oor, col­lecting there with the surrounding air, forming a potentially explosive mixture. Obviously, propane leaks should be avoided, so set up
the propane supply with utmost care. Read Propane/LP Safety, page 4 for additional in- formation about detecting propane leaks. Leak check new connections or reconnections with a
noncorrosive leak detection uid and follow all connection instructions herein. Also, ask your
propane dealer for advice on the propane ap­plication and supply installation and ask them
to check it if there are any questions.
When the heater is to be operated in the pres­ence of other people the user is responsible
for properly acquainting those present with the safety precautions and instructions, and of the hazards involved.
Make certain you read and understand all warnings. Keep this manual for reference. It is your guide to safe and proper operation of this heater.
1. State of Massachusetts: The installation
must be made by a licensed plumber or gas fitter in the Commonwealth of Mas­sachusetts.
2. Check heater thoroughly for damage. DO NOT operate a damaged heater.
3. DO NOT modify heater or operate a heater which has been modied from its
original condition.
4. Use only propane/LP gas.
5. Use only VAPOR WITHDRAWAL pro­pane supply. The propane cylinder must
be arranged for vapor-withdrawal, in
accordance with the Compress Gas As­sociations, Small Propane Bottle Assem­bly. If there is any question about vapor
withdrawal, ask your propane dealer.
6. Use only hose and regulator assembly
provided with heater.
7. Inspect hose assembly before each use of heater. If there is excessive abrasion
or wear, or hose is cut, replace with hose
assembly listed on parts list before using heater.
8. This heater is for OUTDOOR USE ONLY.
Make sure there is ample fresh air ventila-
tion. Do not use in buildings, garages or
other enclosed spaces.
121117-01B 3
9. If at any time gas odor is detected, IM­MEDIATELY DISCONTINUE operation until source of gas has been located and corrected. Read Propane/LP Safety, page 4 for additional information about detect­ing propane leaks.
10. Do not expose heater to water spray, rain
and/or dripping water.
11. Maintain minimum clearance to people
or normal combustible material (paper) of 3 ft. (91.44 cm) from top and 2 ft. (60.96 cm) from reector.
12. Operate only on a stable, level surface.
13. Do not spray aerosols near heater during
use or shortly thereafter.
14. Do not clean heater with combustible or corrosive cleaners. Use a noncorrosive
leak detection uid.
15. Check control compartment burners and circulation air passageways for free air passage. Make sure there are no obstruc­tions. These areas are a common location
for spider webs, which can present a dangerous condition, damage heater and
render it unsafe for use. Heater must be checked if any of the following conditions exist:
a) Gas smell along with predominate yel-
low tipping of burner.
b) Heater does not reach temperature. c) Uneven burner glow. d)
Burner makes popping noises during nor-
mal use, other than during shutdown.
16. Use only a noncorrosive leak detection uid to conduct leak tests whenever a
propane cylinder is connected. Bubbles indicate a leak.
17. Do not adjust gas regulator. If you are unsure of your appliances gas type or
pressure, call a qualied service person.
18. Place control knob in OFF position when
heater is not in use.
19. Always disconnect gas supply after heater
is turned OFF.
20. Do not move, handle or service while hot
or burning.
21. Allow 45 minutes to cool down after use before attempting to move heater.
22. Do not operate this appliance in windy conditions. Maximum allowable wind
speed is 10 mph (16 Km/h).
23. Do not operate this appliance in tempera­ture conditions below 40° F (5° C).
24. Keep heater away from areas where am­mable liquids, vapors or solids are stored
or used.
25. If operated in salt air environments, unit will require more frequent cleaning. Otherwise,
longevity of unit will deteriorate rapidly. Use warm soapy water to clean unit.
26. Items or material stored under heater will
be subjected to radiant heat and could be seriously damaged.
Any guard or other protective device removed for servicing must be replaced prior to operat­ing the heater.
Surface temperatures become very hot when operating heater. Children and adults should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition.
Young children should be care­fully supervised when they are in the area of the heater.
Clothing or other flammable materials should not be hung from the heater, or placed on or near heater.
Installation and repair should
be done by a qualied service
person. The heater should be inspected before use and at
least annually by a qualied
service person. More frequent cleaning may be required as necessary. It is imperative that control compartments, burners and circulating air passageways of the heater be kept clean.
CAUTION: The gas pressure regulator provided with this ap­pliance must be used. This regu­lator is set for an output pressure of 11" W.C. (2.74 kPa).


WARNING: For outdoor use
• Do not use this heater for heating human or animal living quarters.
• Do not use in unventilated areas.
• The ow of combustion and ventilation
air must not be obstructed.
• Proper ventilation air must be provided to support the combustion air require­ments of the heater being used.


1. Carefully remove packaging material
from box.
2. Carefully remove heater components from
box. Inspect parts for possible shipping
damage. If any is found, immediately
notify dealer.
• Refer to the Specifications, page 2, heater data plate or contact DESA Heat­ing, LLC to determine combustion air ventilation requirements of the heater.
• Lack of proper ventilation air will lead to improper combustion.
Improper combustion can lead to car­bon monoxide poisoning leading to serious injury or death. Symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning can include
headaches dizziness and difculty in
3. Check to make sure that all components
are included with your heater (see pages 12 and 13).


Tools Required:
• 1) #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver
• 2) Adjustable Wrenches
Hardware packet provided with heater may contain more parts than needed for heater assembly.
1. Attach wheel assembly to base using two
5/16" bolts, two 5/16" washers and two 5/16" nuts (see Figure 1).
2. Attach legs to base using two 1/4" bolts, four 1/4" washers, two 1/4" lock washers and two 1/4" nuts per leg (see Figure
2). Place washer on bolt then insert bolt
through leg and into top of base. Attach
5/16" Bolt,
Washer and Nut
Wheel Assembly
washer, lock washer and nut from under­neath base. Finger tighten only. Repeat for each bolt and leg. Do not fully tighten
until next step.
3. Secure pole support to legs using two 1/4" bolts, four 1/4" washers, two 1/4" lock washers and two 1/4" nuts per leg (see Figure 2). Repeat for each leg. Wrench
tighten nuts and bolts from step 1 and 2.
4. Remove 4 bolts and washers in collar of
pole support (see Figure 3). Place pole
over pole support collar. Reattach and tighten 4 bolts and washers.
5. Attach back cover using four 1/4" large Phillips head screws and four 1/4" wash­ers as shown in Figure 4.
Pole Support
Figure 1 - Attaching Wheels to Base
1/4" Bolt and Washer
Pole Support
1/4" Washer,
Lock Washer and Nut
1/4" Washer,
Lock Washer and Nut
Figure 2 - Base Assembly
121117-01B 5
Bolt and Washer
Figure 3 - Pole to Pole Support
Back Cover
1/4" Large Phillips Head Screw and 1/4" Washer
Figure 4 - Attaching Back Cover
6. Install tank door by placing cutouts on sides over screws installed in step 5 (see Figure 5).
7. Slide propane/LP cylinder top down pole
and over pole support (see Figure 6). Be
sure that propane/LP cylinder top rests level on base.
Note: A cap support is provided on pole
support to lift top when changing propane/ LP cylinder.
8. Remove 4 screws in bottom of emitter.
Place burner assembly on emitter and align holes. Replace screws. See Figures
7 and 8.
Figure 5 - Attaching Tank Door
Cap Support
Cutout in Tank Door
Cylinder Cap
Burner Assembly
Figure 7 - Placing Burner Assembly Onto
Figure 6 - Installing Cylinder Cap
Figure 8 - Attaching Burner Assembly
and Emitter
9. Thread manifold to bottom of burner assembly (see Figure 9). Tighten with wrenches (see Figure 10.)
10. Temporarily connect hose and regulator to manifold. Connect hose and regulator to a 20 lb. propane cylinder.
DO NOT LIGHT HEATER! Open propane cylinder valve. Leak test
burner assembly and manifold connection
using a noncorrosive leak detection uid.
DO NOT USE FLAME. See Checking for Leaks, page 8. When there is no sign of a
leak, turn off propane/LP cylinder valve and
disconnect regulator from propane/LP gas cylinder. Slowly loosen connection between manifold and hose and regulator assembly. Propane gas left in hose will escape.
Burner Assembly
Figure 9 - Attaching Manifold to Burner
11. Remove bolts from burner assembly. Carefully lean base and pole assembly over and insert manifold and burner
assembly through pole (see Figure 11).
Replace bolts.
12. Remove blue lm from dome top. Dome
attaches to burner assembly with three
5/ 1 6" nuts and six 5/16 " wa s hers.
Place 1 washer on each threaded stud of burner assembly. Place dome over
studs. Attach 3 washers and nuts to
studs. See Figure 12.
Burner Assembly
Bolts Removed From Here
Bolts Reinstalled Through Here
Figure 11 - Sliding Manifold and Burner
Assembly into Pole
Figure 10 - Tightening Manifold and
121117-01B 7
Burner Assembly
Figure 12 - Attaching Dome to Burner
13. Remove tank door. Wrench tighten regu­lator and hose assembly to manifold as
shown in Figure 13. Check connections for gas leaks (see Checking for Leaks).
Note: Make sure hose and regulator as-
sembly attached to manifold are never bent or kinked during installation and operation of heater.
14. Place propane/LP tank on top of base. Attach regulator.
15. Install propane tank safety chain around tank and into openings on legs as shown in Figure 14.
16. Reinstall door.
Cap Support
Safety Chain
Figure 13 - Attaching Regulator and
Hose Assembly


IMPORTANT: The heater must be leak tested before any further assembly is done. Use only
a noncorrosive leak detection uid. DO NOT
USE FLAME. Turn control knob to the OFF position. Se-
curely connect regulator to propane/LP gas cylinder. Open propane/LP cylinder valve.
Apply a noncorrosive leak detection uid to
connections at the manifold and regulator connections. Bubbles forming show a leak.
Figure 14 - Propane Tank and Safety
In case of any leaks, turn off propane/LP cylinder valve, remove manifold, check and
clean connection. Reconnect manifold and leak test again.
Upon completion of leak test, and when there is no sign of a leak, turn off propane/LP
cylinder valve and disconnect regulator from propane/LP gas cylinder. Remove propane/LP gas cylinder and continue to next step.


WARNING: Do not move heater when lit. Allow heater to cool before moving.
1. Locate pop-out wheel decal on base of
heater (see Figure 15).
Pop-out Wheel Decal
Figure 15 - Pop-out Wheels
2. Standing on decal side of heater, care­fully lean heater away from you to access wheels underneath base.
3. Swing wheels out from under base to
relocate heater.
4. Replace wheels underneath base after placing heater in desired location.
Figure 16 - Locating Heater


4. Place propane/LP gas cylinder inside
WARNING: If you smell gas:
• Shut off gas to the appliance.
• Extinguish any open ames.
• If odor continues, immediately call your gas supplier.
See safety warnings and pre­cautions starting on the front page of this manual for more information.
1. Check heater for possible shipping damage.
If any is found, immediately notify dealer.
2. Follow all safety information starting on page 2.
3. Check and assure control knob is in the
OFF position.
121117-01B 9
cylinder base. Securely connect regulator to propane/LP gas cylinder.
5. Turn cylinder valve on. Apply a noncor-
rosive leak detection uid to connection
at regulator and cylinder. Bubbles forming show a leak.
6. In case of any leaks, turn off propane/LP cylinder valve, undo leaking connection.
Check and clean connection. Reconnect regulator and leak test again.
IMPORTANT: On new installations or routine gas cylinder changes. The system must be purged of air before use. Turn control knob
to the pilot setting. Press and hold for 30-40
seconds before attempting to light pilot.
1. Shut main gas supply valve on propane cylinder off. Set heater control knob to OFF position. Wait 5 minutes.
2. Open main gas supply valve on propane cylinder.
3. Turn heater control knob to the PILOT po­sition. Push and hold for 5 seconds. Press igniter button until pilot is lit. Continue to
hold heater control valve for 30 seconds
then release.
CAUTION: Do not attempt to slide viewing hole cover when main burner is lighting, operat­ing or hot.
4. TO MATCH LIGHT PILOT: Rotate match
light hole cover. Apply ame to pilot burner
while holding knob in for 20 seconds or until pilot remains lit when knob is re­leased.
5. Knob can now be turned to the ON position.
IMPORTANT: Smoke and odor (not a gas odor) emission may occur in the rst 30 min-
utes of use. Run heater at high setting for at
least 30 minutes to eliminate this problem.
WARNING: If you smell gas while in use, immediately press and turn control knob to the OFF position to shut down heater.
1. Turn control knob to the OFF position.
2. Shut off main gas supply.
3. Wait 5 minutes before relighting heater.
Viewing Hole and Cover


1. Allow at least 45 minutes for heater to cool down after using.
2. Store heater upright in a sheltered area away from inclement weather and dust.
3. If desired, cover heater after heater has
Control Knob
Ignitor Button
Figure 17 - Heater Controls and Viewing
Hole and Cover
4. If heater is not to be used for an extended
period of time, disconnect and remove
propane/LP gas cylinder and store in ac­cordance with the Standard for Storage
and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases, ANSI/INFPA 58.


To assure safety, proper function and lon­gevity of the heater, regular maintenance is required. The frequency of maintenance will
depend on the usage of the unit. Review the following concerning the criteria for a properly
functioning heater. Failing to follow proper,
regular maintenance will void warranty.
A hazardous condition may result if a heater is used that has been modied or is not func-
tioning properly. When the heater is working properly:
• The ame is contained within the heater.
• The ame is essentially blue with perhaps
some yellow tipping.
• There is no strong disagreeable odor, eye
burning or other physical discomfort.


WARNING: Use only original
replacement parts. This heater
must use design-specic parts.
Do not substitute or use generic parts. Improper replacement parts could cause serious or fa­tal injuries. This will also protect your warranty coverage for parts replaced under warranty.
Contact authorized dealers of this product. If they can’t supply original replacement part(s),
either contact your nearest Parts Central or
call DESA Heating, LLC at 1-866-672-6040.
• There is no smoke or soot internal or ex­ternal to the heater.
• There are no unplanned or unexplained shut downs of the heater.
The parts list shows the heater as it was con­structed. Do not use a heater which is different
from that shown. In this regard, use only the hose, regulator and cylinder connection tting (called a POL tting) supplied with the heater.
IMPORTANT: Do not use alternates. For this
heater, the regulator must be set as shown
in Specications, page 2. If there is any un-
certainty about the regulator setting, have it checked by a qualied service person.
When calling DESA Heating, LLC have
• your name
• your address
• model number of your heater
• how heater was malfunctioning
• purchase date
Contact authorized dealers of this product. If they can’t supply original replacement part(s),
either contact your nearest Parts Central
(listed in Authorized Service Center booklet) or call DESA Heating, LLC at 1-866-672-6040
for referral information.
When calling DESA Heating, LLC have
• model number of your heater
• the replacement part number


A heater which is not working right must be
repaired, but only by a trained, experienced service person. To nd the service center closest to you, or if you have further questions about this heater, contact DESA Heating, LLC at 1-866-672-6040. When calling, please
have your model and serial numbers of your heater ready.
121117-01B 11
You can also visit DESA Heating, LLC's web
site at You may also obtain in-warranty or out of
warranty service by taking the product to your local service center.
MODELS TD125, TD126, TD127, TD128

This list contains replaceable parts used in your heater. When ordering parts, follow the
instructions listed under Replacement Parts on page 11 of this manual.
1 V01-001 Dome • • • • 1 2 V01-002 Emitter Cap • • • • 1 3 V01-003 Emitter • • • • 1 4 V01-005 Emitter Bottom • • • • 1 5 V01-008 Pilot Cover • • • • 1 6 V01-004 Main Burner • • • • 1 7 V01-028 Copper Nut • • • • 1
8 V01-007 Pilot Burner Assembly • • • • 1 9 V01-006 View-hole Cover • • • • 1
10 V01-011 Insulation Panel • • • • 1 11 V01-009 Face Panel (English Operation) • • • • 1 12 V01-026 Main Nozzle • • • • 1 13 V01-034 Knob • • • • 1 14 V01-027 Nozzle Connector • • • • 1 15 V01-012 Valve Support • • • • 1 16 V01-029 Main Burner Gas Line • • • • 1 17 V01-037 Valve Assembly • • • • 1
18 V01-030 Connector Tube • • • • 1 19 V01-036 Ignitor, Manual • • • 1
V01-036E Ignitor, Electronic 1
20 V01-023 Ignitor Line • • • • 1 21 V01-031 Gas Line • • • • 1 22 V01-015 Post • • • • 1 23 V01-017 Cylinder Cap • • • • 1 24 V01-016 Post Support • • • • 1 25 V01-022 Cylinder Cap Support • • • • 1 26 V01-019 Back Cover • • • • 1 27 V01-045 Regulator Assembly • • • • 1
28 V01-018 Door • • • • 1 29 V01-020 Legs • • • • 3 30 V01-032 Chain • • • • 1 31 V01-021K Base Kit • • • • 1 32 V01-014 Valve Housing Bottom • • • • 1 33 V01-013 Gas Line Fixed Plate • • • • 1 34 V01-010 Valve Housing • • • • 1 35 V01-035 O Ring • • • • 1
NV02-08-00 Wheel Assembly • • • • 1 121119-01 Hardware Package • • • • 1
114124-01 Warning Hang Tag, English • • • • 1 114124-02 Warning Hang Tag, Spanish • • • • 1 114124-03 Warning Hang Tag, French • • • • 1 114122-02 Operation Decal, English • • • • 1 114124-06 Operation Hang Tag, Spanish • • • • 1 114124-07 Operation Hang Tag, French • • • • 1 121420-01 Wheel Warning Decal • • • • 1
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