Broan SPA1900D, SPA150.4, SPA90.4, SPA1000D, SPA1600D User Manual

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Broan SPA1900D, SPA150.4, SPA90.4, SPA1000D, SPA1600D User Manual


DB DRIVE warrants any products purchased in the U.S.A. from an authorized DB DRIVE dealer. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of (1) year when the unit is installed by an authorized DB DRIVE dealer. Non-authorized dealer installed products carry a one (1) year parts and labor limited warranty. This warranty applies to the original purchase only.

DB DRIVE will either repair or replace (as its option) any unit that has been found to be defective and under warranty provided the defect occurs within:

One (1) year if purchased through an authorized DB DRIVE dealer.

This limited warranty does not extend to units that have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, or accident. Products that in DB DRIVE’s judgment shows evidence of having been altered, modified, or serviced without DB DRIVE’s authorization, will be ineligible under this warranty.

To obtain warranty service please contact your retailer or see our web site at for more details.

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SPA1600D SPA1900D


Instruction Manual

• Instalation Instructions / Owners Manual •

Due to continuous improvement of the product the Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Congratulations on your purchase of a DB Drive state-of-the-art power amplifier. Your selection of a DB Drive car audio product indicates a true appreciation of fine musical reproduction. Whether adding to an existing system or including your DB Drive amplifier in a new system, you are certain to notice immediate performance benefits.


Take this time to attach your sales receipt to the manual and put in a safe place. In case of any unforeseen reason this product may need warranty service, your receipt will be necessary to establish purchase date.


A power amplifier’s performance is only as good as its installation. Proper installation will maximize the system’s overall performance. It is recommended that you have our product installed by an authorized DB Drive retailer. However, if you decide to install it yourself, please carefully read through this manual and take your time to do a quality installation.

Due to continuing product improvements and possible manual revisions, we recommend checking our website for latest product information at

IMPORTANT! Before making any connections, disconnect the car’s battery until the installation is completed to avoid possible damage to the electrical system.


Exposure to high power sound system can cause hearing loss or damage. Listening to your system at loud levels while driving will impair your ability to hear traffic sounds and emergency vehicles. Use common sense when listening to your system.

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Fuse amplifiers power wire at the battery

Be sure to fuse the power wire within 12” of the car’s battery. This will protect the car’s battery in case of a short circuit between the power amplifier and battery. THIS IS A MUST, the amplifier’s built-in fuse will only protect the power amplifier not the car’s battery!

Use high grade wire connectors

To ensure maximum power transfer and secure safe connections, it is recommended to use high grade barrier spades (for connection at amplifier) and terminal rings (for connection at battery).

Do not run any wires underneath vehicle

Exposed wires have a chance of being cut or damaged. It is best to run all wires through the vehicle under the carpet and/or side panels. This lends to a cleaner installation and less risk of damage.

Use caution when mounting amplifier

Remember there are many electrical wires, gas lines, vacuum lines, brake lines as well as a gas tank in the automobile. Make sure you now where they are when mounting the amplifier to avoid puncturing lines, shorting wires or drilling holes in the gas tank.

Run signal wires away from electrical wires

To avoid possibility of induced noise from the car’s electrical system (i.e. popping noises or engine noise), run wires away from the car’s electrical wiring.

Make all ground wires as short as possible and at the same point

In order to reduce the chance of ground loops (i.e. engine noise), make the grounding wire as short as possible to reduce the wire’s resistance. Also, when using multiple components, make sure all units are grounded at the same point.

Avoid sharp edges when running the wires

To avoid the possibility of power, signal or speaker shorts, be careful not to allow the amplifiers wires to come in contact with sharp edges. Use a grommet to protect the wire when running through the fire wall.



DC Offset Protection

This circuit protects the output of the amplifier against DC voltage. If for some reason DC voltage is detected at the output stage, the amplifier will shut down protecting the speakers from direct current.

Short Circuit Protection

The circuit protects the amplifier from damage due to a short found in the speakers or wiring. If one of the speakers or its wiring comes in contact with ground, the amplifier will shut down. To resume normal operation, correct the problem and turn the head unit off, then back on. The amplifier will reset and play again.

Thermal Protection

To protect the amplifier circuitry against damage caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures, a thermal protection circuit is activated if the amplifier reaches excessively high operating temperature. Once the thermal circuit is activated, the amplifier will shut down to cool off. The amplifier will automatically turn back on once it cools down to a safe operating temperature.

Power Indicator

The diagnostic L.E.D. illuminates when the amplifier is on and receiving power.

Built-in Crossover

The “Speed Series” amplifiers include a built-in variable crossovers. The crossover features a variable frequency selection for precise low pass filtering for the SPA1000D, SPA1300D , SPA1600D and SPA1900D. The SPA90.2 , SPA90.4 and SPA150.4 also offer the same frequency selection with the option of low or high pass filtering.

Power and Speaker Distribution Blocks

Heavy gauge bare wire distribution blocks are provided for maximum power and signal transfer with minimal resistance.

Bass Boost (SPA1000D SPA1300D SPA1600D SPA1900D)

For added low frequency performance the amplifiers are equipped with a variable *0~18 dB bass boost @ 45Hz.


Line out

Full range line outputs have been provided for convenient connection to additional amplifiers in the system. The outputs are buffered to reduce signal loss. Please note that the amplifier’s input level adjusts these level outputs.

Power Fusing

This protects the amplifier against short circuits and excessive current.

Remote Turn-on

Automatically turns amplifier on when connected to the head unit’s remote output. The amplifier will turn on and off with the head unit to save current consumption. This control also operates the reset circuit for the amplifier’s protection. It must be connected with the head unit in order to reset protection circuits.

Adjustable Input Sensitivity

Allows you to fine-tune the level matching between your source and the power amplifier.

Low Impedance Stability

SPA1000D -1 Ohm Mono

SPA1300D -1 Ohm Mono

SPA1600D -1 Ohm Mono

SPA1900D -1 Ohm Mono

SPA90.2 -2 Ohm Stereo, 4 Ohm Bridged

SPA90.4 -2 Ohm Stereo, 4 Ohm Bridged

SPA150.4 -2 Ohm Stereo, 4 Ohm Bridged


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