Abocom HS2120, HS2080 User Manual

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HomePNA 12/8 ports Switching - Hub

The HomePNASwitching-Hubis a home networking switching Hub, with 12 (8) ports 1Mbps switching ports and two 10/100 Ethernet ports. The HomePNASwitching-Hubsupports 12 (8) home phoneline switching ports with each port connecting up to 24 HomePNA

devices (e.g. PC) over an existing home phoneline wire. The HomePNA Switching-Hub use the home’s existing telephone line(s) to bridge Ethernet packets at the MAC address level of the Ethernet protocol transmitting among connected Ethernet or Fast Ethernet LAN segments. Furthermore, the switches are expandable by connecting two or more switches together through straight (namelynon-crossover)UTP cables.


IEEE802.3 compliant for 10BASE-T,IEEE802.3u for100BASE-TXHomePNA specification 1.1 compliant

Twelve 1Mbps home networking ports supported Two 10/100M Ethernet port supported

Two RJ-11bypass connectors for each 1Mbps home networking port Ethernet port for Daisy chain connection with straight UTP cableRack-mount-sizeddesign

Store-and-forwardarchitecture filters 1Mbyte system memory supported 1K MAC address table supported

Supports rich diagnostic LED indicators Transparent to all kind of network protocol

Internal universal switching power supply (90~ 240V)



IEEE802.3, 10BASE-Tstandard IEEE802.3u,100BASE-TXstandard

HomePNA 1.1specifications compliant


Two 10/100M Fast Ethernet ports Twelve 1Mbps HomePNA switching ports.

Two RJ-11bypass connectors for each HomePNA port.

Buffer Memory/MAC Address Table

1Mbyte memory/1K MAC table in system


FCC Class A, FCC Part 15 FCC Part 68, VCCI

Rich LED indicators

System: Power, Error Ports:

MDI-Xports: Speed (10/100), Link, Activity

HomePNA ports: Link, Activity

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