Abocom HB2000 User Manual

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1M HomePNA Ethernet Adapter


The HB2000 is a HomeNet to Ethernet Bridge which connects

any Ethernet device to a high speed access device or to a HomeNet LAN for Internet and Intranet access. This Bridge

brings you the newest Ethernet compatible technology that uses the telephone wiring as the network's physical wiring thereby eliminating the need to install new wiring. It is

designed to operate on the telephone wire installed in homes.

With this Bridge, every RJ-11 jack is Internet-Ready. Devices connected to this Bridge can share any high speed Internet access line-V.90, ISDN, cable, xDSL or wire-less modem.

This Bridge allows you to connect PCs and Ethernet enabled devices, such as Switch, HUB and printers, to a HomeNet LAN by simply plugging into the existing RJ-11 jacks. This Bridge's 1 Mbps throughput provides the bandwidth necessary to support existing networking applications such as application sharing, peripheral sharing and file sharing.

For providing a LAN networking solution, the Bridge acts as a high speed network access device for 1 Mbps Internet service that shares the existing telephone wire with POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) service. This allows multiple PCs to access the Internet concurrently. The Bridge also distributes bandwidth within a customer premises that use V.90, ISDN, Cable, wire-less and xDSL modems to deliver high-speed access to the outside of the customer premises.


Plug and Play

Protocol independent

Stores and forwards switching architecture

Link two LAN segments into a single logical network

High-speed internet and intranet access

Standard 10BASE-T ethernet

1 Mbps home network

Uses existing phone jacks

LED indicators

Flash memory for firmware upgrade

FCC Class B & VCCI Class II certification



IEEE802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet compliant

HomePNA 1.1 specifications compliant

Data Rates

Home Networking: 1 Mbps

Ethernet: 10 Mbps


Home Networking: 150 meter maximum between the two farthest nodes on the LAN

Ethernet: 100 meter maximum between two farthest nodes on the LAN

Power consumption:

5V DC IN, Less than 4W



HomeNet Link/Activity

Ethernet Link/Activity



One RJ-11for connecting with HomePNA device

One RJ-45 for connecting with a 10BASE-T network


Home Networking: standard home telephone line

Ethernet: CAT 3, CAT5 or better UTP