Abocom EFM56CC User Manual

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External 56K Fax Modem

The External Fax Modem 56K is Bell, ITU-T(formerly CCITT) compliant and Hayes AT command compatible, so that it can be used worldwide with today’s popular communication software programs. You will be able to send and

receive faxes to/from any Group 3 compatible fax machine. Using standard phone lines, the data communication functions of the modem will enable you to successfully hook up to the Internet, transmit E-mail,send and receive information and communicate with other PCs, Bulletin Board Services (BBS) or computer networks. .

General Features :

Plug & Play


DTE rate up to 115,200bps

Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95/NT 4.0, and DOS support

FCC Part 15 & 68, CE approval

CTR 21 Pan-Europeanapproval

V.92 Hardware Ready

FAX Mode :

V.17 (14400bps FAX), V.29

(9600bps FAX), V.27ter (4800bps


Class 1 Fax Command set

V.21 Channel-2(300bps FAX)

DATA Mode :

V.90 (56Kbps down stream only)

V.34 (33600 to 24000bps) symmetric and asymmetric operation

V.32bis (14400bps), V.22bis (2400bps)

V.32 (9600bps), V.22 (1200bps)

Bell 212A (1200bps), Bell 103 (300bps)

V.42bis (data compression), MNP 5 (data compression)

V.42 (error correction), MNP 2-4(error correction)