Abocom PL1000 User Manual

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Power Line to Ethernet Bridge

Share Internet Access across Your Entire Home Power Line Network

The PL1000 is an advanced gadget that uses existing electrical wiring to transfer digital data signals between Ethernet devices. This plug-and-play device turns any electrical outlet into a home network port in seconds. Just plug the PL1000 into any electrical outlet (located through-out your house) and your entire household is now wired for easy access for sharing Dial-up, xDSL, or Cable Internet access, with no expensive new wiring or cabling to install. It is designed for ease-of-use, uncomplicated and very quick to install.

Besides the convenience, the PL1000 brings an assured Ethernet-like transfer rate of up to 14Mbps, which is faster than WLAN 802.11b and yet without radio interference. Thanks to 56-bit DES encryption, total security and privacy is ensured. The PL1000 is also extremely safe.


Allows concurrent shared Internet access across existing 110V Electrical Outlets


Compatible with 10 Mbps Ethernet products

Transfer rate up to 14 Mbps, faster than 802.11b wireless

True Plug and play; Installs in seconds — no software required

Supports Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP, MAC and any network built-in platforms

56-bit Data Encryption ensures data security and reliability

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