Cisco Systems EIA-TIA-232 User Manual
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Catalyst 1800 Token Ring Switch Cable Kit Guide

This guide provides configuration and connection instructions for the EIA/TIA-232console/modem cable and the adapters used when connecting a PC, a VT series terminal, or a modem to the Catalyst 1800 Token Ring switch to accessout-of-bandmanagement via theEIA/TIA-232DB-9male console port.

Note EIA/TIA-232was known as recommended standardRS-232before its acceptance as a standard by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

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Management terminal and modem requirements are as follows:

VT 320/420-seriesterminal orVT-typeterminal running emulation programs for the VT series

IBM or compatible PC running a VT-seriesemulation software package


This guide also provides the following pin assignments:

DB-9console port connector on the Catalyst 1800 chassis

DB-9PC connector

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