BT A6 User Manual

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Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166


Personal Mobile Radio

Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

Explanation of the display icons

Displays the code for the selected channel or the volume level.

Displays the code of the sub channel.

Flashes to indicate that the key lock is switched on.

Indicates that the handset is receiving a call.

Indicates that the handset is transmitting.

STANDBY Flashes to indicate that the handset is in battery saver mode.

Displayed when the power is on to indicate signal standby.

Indicates the status of the battery.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166



If anything is missing, please contact your place of purchase immediately.

With each Freeway Walkie Talkie handset you will get:


Belt clip

(attached to back of handset)

4 x AAA batteries (alkaline)


Ni-MHbattery pack rechargeable


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

For your records

Date of purchase:

Place of purchase:

Serial number:

For guarantee purposes proof of purchase is required so please keep your receipt.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

Safety instructions


Do not open the handset.

Never dispose of batteries in a fire. There is a serious risk of explosion and/or the release of highly toxic chemicals.

Radio signals transmitted between handsets may cause interference to hearing aids.

Switch off the radio when near medical equipment.

This product should not be used by people with pacemakers.

Do not use the radio when driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

Do not use your radio when on board an aircraft. Do not use your radio if it has a damaged antenna.

Do not operate the radio in hazardous environments, explosion or fire may result. Examples of typical hazardous environments include petrol stations and areas where explosive products are used.

Do not expose your product to direct sunlight, extreme cold or place it near heating appliances.

Do not submerge any part of your product in water and do not use it in damp, humid or wet conditions.

Do not expose your product to fire, explosive or other hazardous conditions.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166


Simply clean with a damp (not wet) cloth, or an anti-staticwipe.

Never use household polish as this will damage the product. Never use a dry cloth as this may cause a static shock.


In the event of an accident this product cannot be used to contact the emergency services.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

Setting up

1 Installing the batteries

Your Freeway handset is supplied with 4 x AAA (alkaline) batteries or a Freeway rechargeable Ni-MHbattery pack depending on which version you have purchased.


Please note that alkaline batteries will require replacing and can NOT be used with the Freeway charger.

The typical battery capacity of an AAA alkaline battery is approximately twice that of an AAA size Ni-MHbattery. The battery life for the Freeway is approximately 21 hours using alkaline batteries and approximately half this using rechargeableNi-MHbatteries.

The Freeway handset can be charged when it is switched on or off, however, it will take longer to fully charge the battery pack if the handset is left switched on.

To fully charge the battery pack, from a fully discharged state takes around 14 to 16 hours.

The lights on the Freeway charger will stay lit even when the battery pack is fully charged.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

Freeway accessories

You can purchase Freeway rechargeable battery packs and a Freeway charger by calling 0870 240 5522.

Or visit:

Freeway charger item code: 003743.

Freeway rechargeable battery pack item code: 004194.

If the belt clip is attached you will need to remove it first, please see step 2 below.

Pull back the battery cover tab and lift the cover off.


Insert 4 x AAA (alkaline) batteries or the Freeway rechargeable battery pack, ensuring that the + and – on the batteries match up with those marked inside the battery compartment. Replace the battery cover and make sure that the tab locks back into place.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

Battery low indicator

When the batteries are fully charged the display will show the icon. When the battery power becomes low theicon will flash to indicate that the batteries need replacing. You should replace all the batteries, do not mix new and old batteries and ensure that you use all the same type of batteries.

2 Installing and removing the belt clip

Align the belt clip tabs up with the guides on the back of your handset.

Slide the belt clip up the guides until it locks into place.

If you want to remove the belt clip, pull back the lever on the top of the belt clip and slide the clip down out of the guides.


Freeway [A6] ~ 2nd Edition ~ 15th October ’01 – 4166

3Installing and removing the optional Freeway headset

To purchase optional Freeway headsets please call

0870 240 5522 or visit

Freeway Headset item code: 004191.

PTT button


always switch the power OFF before

or removing the headset. We recommend volume to a LOW level.

Open the tab on the top of the handset.

Insert the headset plug firmly into the holes on the top of the handset.