Behringer AC108 User Manual

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User’s manual

Version 1.0 April 2004




CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the top cover (or the rear section). No user serviceable parts inside; refer servicing to qualified personnel.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain and moisture. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage inside the enclosure—voltagethat may be sufficient to constitute a risk of shock.

This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions in the accompanying literature. Please read the manual.


1)Read these instructions.

2)Keep these instructions.

3)Heed all warnings.

4)Follow all instructions.

5)Do not use this apparatus near water.

6)Clean only with dry cloth.

7)Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

8)Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

9)Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-typeplug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.

10)Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus.

11)Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.

12)Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/

apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over.

13)Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.

14)Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

15)CAUTION - These service instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only. To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operation instructions unless you are qualified to do so.




15-WattVintage Guitar Amp with Vacuum Tube

sExtremely versatile guitar amplifier with hand-selected12AX7 vacuum tube

sAuthentic vintage design with ULTRATUBE circuitry for classic tube sound AC108

sPowerful 20-Watt,8"vintage-tunedguitar speaker

s2-channeltube preamp andwide-rangegain control forsuper-fatsounds with all pickup types

sDedicated 2-bandEQ plusmid-shiftbutton for creativesound-shaping

sCD input allows you to play along to your favorite music

sDedicated master level control and powerful headphone output

sRugged construction for years of trouble-freeuse

sDesigned in Germany. Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system




Dear musician,

Congratulations and thank you very much for purchasing the AC108, BEHRINGER’s newest addition to the guitar amp family.

The VINTAGER AC108 offers the latest in vintage-typeguitar amps, and is guaranteed to cause endless sleepless nights.

Had anybody told you a few years ago that one day you‘d be able to buy a guitar amp with real tube circuitry at such an unbeatable price, you would have probably

called him nuts. But I wanted this amp to become reality, and now we‘ve actually made it! With our VINTAGER AC108 you can now follow in the footsteps of all the big guitar legends. Simply unpack it, plug it in and you’re ready to go! The VINTAGER AC108 gives you everything your heart desires, from classic clean sounds to solid heavy metal licks.

What we really wanted was to give you a truly high-qualityguitar amp. Believe me: With all those years of experience under our belt, we know what an amp needs to put up with. No matter how often you practice or how many sessions you have with your friends: when it comes to quality and sound, your VINTAGER AC108 will give you years and years of pure enjoyment.

Now, just in case you‘re wondering how we can offer such a high-qualityguitar amp at such an unbelievably low price... the answer is totally simple: it‘s thanks to you! Many satisfied customers means large volumes of units sold. Many units sold means better purchase prices for components, and so on. So, we just passed this price advantage on to you. It‘s only fair, isn‘t it?

Enough talk now. One day, when you‘re one of those legendary guitarists yourself, we hope you‘ll say that your first real guitar amp was a BEHRINGER. In that case, you have made a dream come true for us, too.

We wish you lots of success!

Thank you very much,

Uli Behringer




1. INTRODUCTION ........................................................


1.1 Before you get started ..................................................



Shipment ............................................................



Initial operation ...................................................



Warranty .............................................................


2. WIRING TIPS .............................................................


3. CONTROL ELEMENTS .............................................


4. AUDIO CONNECTIONS ............................................


5. SPECIFICATIONS .....................................................


6. WARRANTY...............................................................



Congratulations! The AC108 you have purchased is a guitar amplifier with tube technology, giving you the authentic sound of legendary guitar amps.

The VINTAGER AC108 was specifically designed as a practice amp. The ULTRATUBE circuit and the carefully selected 12AX7 tube will give your guitar sound that unique vintage character.

With the wide range of sounds available you can also play hard and distorted sounds. From crystal-cleartoultra-distorted,anything‘s possible. And there needn‘t be any trouble with the neighbors: just plug in your headphone and get going! But be careful:

+High volume levels can damage your hearing or your headphone. Please turn down the MASTER control (fully left) before you switch the unit on. Always make sure you use appropriate volume levels.

Absolute power and tube sound

If you really want to come through strong, your VINTAGER AC108 will give you the necessary power to truly impress your friends when rehearsing or even leave your audience in awe when you‘re on stage. The wiring examples in fig. 2.1 and 2.2 show you how to connect your guitar amp properly.

You‘ll always be in control in terms of volume, so you can use the same great sound for practicing at home and for playing with your band.

Jam it up!

With its CD player input, your AC108 is the ultimate practice amp, because it couldn‘t be easier to play along to your favorite music. If you don‘t want anybody listening to what you‘re playing, or simply wish to avoid disturbing the neighbors, just use your headphone. The BEHRINGER HPS3000 is ideal just for that.

A companion for life!

The electronic components in your VINTAGER AC108 have been built into a robust steel-plateenclosure for maximum protection. The cabinet is made ofhigh-grade,environmentally friendly MDF wood covered with especially durable synthetic leather. The AC108 will never let you down, even when the going gets tough.

+Please read the manual carefully and keep it around for future reference.




1.1 Before you get started

1.1.1 Shipment

Your AC108 was carefully packed at the factory, and the packaging was designed to protect the unit from rough handling. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the packaging and its contents for any signs of physical damage that may have occurred during transit.

+If the unit is damaged, please do NOT return it to BEHRINGER. Instead, notify your dealer and the shipping company immediately. Otherwise, claims for damage or replacement may not be honored.

+Always use the original packing carton to prevent damage during storage or transport.

+Make sure that no children are left unsupervised with the AC108 or its packaging.

+Please ensure proper disposal of all packing materials.

1.1.2 Initial operation

Be sure that there is enough space around the unit for cooling. To avoid overheating, please do not place the VINTAGER near radiators and other equipment emanating heat.

1.1.3 Warranty

The VINTAGER’s serial number is located on the rear panel. Please take the time to fill out and return the warranty card within 14 days after the date of purchase to benefit from our extended warranty. Or register online at


The illustration on the next page shows you how to connect your guitar to the amplifier.

If you want to use an effects pedal (for example, the BEHRINGER X V-AMP)to experiment with someout-of-the-ordinary sounds, you can connect your guitar directly to the input of the effects processor. Then, connect a second cable from the effects output to the input on your guitar amp.

If you have an electronic tuner, please be sure to insert it pre effects device, so that the tuner only receives a dry signal without effects components.

X V-AMP:no additional tuner required.

+The built-inloudspeaker is disabled automatically when you plug in the headphone.

Fig. 2.1: Example of a setup using the VINTAGER AC108

Fig. 2.2 shows a recommended setup for amplifying the vintage sound of your AC108 using a sound reinforcement system of any size. This way, you can also use your amp for playing live or for rehearsals with your band.

Fig. 2.2: Live setup





Fig. 3.1: Upper side: Control elements

Connect your guitar to the INST(RUMENT) INPUT jack, using a standard guitar cable with a 1/4" TS connector.



The GAIN control determines the volume level and the













amount of distortion. Use GAIN to adjust the amount













of distortion and the MASTER control to set the volume















































+ If theGAIN switch


is not pressed, the GAIN



































control is disabled. In this case, the volume can

























only be set with the MASTER control















The GAIN switch provides additional boost on the guitar























Fig. 3.2 Rear view: Serial number



The BASS control allows you to boost or cut the low-





SERIAL NUMBER. Please take the time to fill out and return



frequency range.









the warranty card enclosed with your VINTAGER AC108
















Guitar amps are optimally matched to the sound of guitars





within 14 days of the date of purchase to benefit from





by shifting the point at which middle frequencies are





our extended warranty. Or register online at






lowered. Pressing the SHIFT button enacts this function.



















The TREBLE control governs thehigh-frequencyrange to



No matter which way you adjust the controls on your guitar





give your guitar a more “cutting” sound.



amp: the sound of your guitar also has some influence on the



Use the CD INPUT to connect the output of your CD player,

overall sound. We would therefore like to give you a few tips to



get you started.



tape deck, CD or MD walkman, for example, to practice and

+ Most guitars sound best when their tone and



play along to music or guitar tutorial CDs.





This connector is a 1/4" TRS jack. If your CD player is





volume controls are turned up as much as possible.















equipped with cinch outputs, you‘ll need an adapter cable,



Experiment with the controls to find out how you can modify



which you can buy at your local music shop. Illustration 4.3

the sound to your liking. Experienced guitarists write down their



in chapter 4. “AUDIO CONNECTIONS” shows you what

favorite settings or attach stickies underneath the controls.



kind of adapter to buy. You can also use a mono cable (fig.













4.4). This will not damage your CD player or guitar amp.













The MASTER control determines the overall volume of your

























AC108. Whenever you press the POWER switch or unplug













your guitar, be sure to set the MASTER control to zero first.













Otherwise, a loud crackling noise may be produced, which













could damage your loudspeaker or even your hearing.











The HEADPHONE jack is for headphone. When you plug in your headphone, thebuilt-inloudspeaker is muted.

+The headphone signal can also be routed to a mixing console or sound reinforcement system. Connect the headphone output on your AC108 to the line input (LINE IN) on the console (for example, BEHRINGER EURORACK UB1222FX-PRO).You can also use mono cables.

+Some headphones produce distortion if the volume level is too high. Please cut back the MASTER control until the distortion disappears.

Use the POWER switch to switch on your AC108. The POWER switch should be set to “Off” before you connect your guitar amp to the mains.

+Please note: The POWER switch does not disconnect the unit from the mains. Unplug the power cord when you don’t want to use the unit for some time.





The guitar input of the BEHRINGER VINTAGER AC108 comes as 1/4" TS connector.

+Please keep in mind that all the equipment has to be grounded at all times. For your own protection, never change or disable the grounding on your equipment or on the cables!

Fig. 4.1: 1/4" mono plug for the INSTRUMENT INPUT

Fig. 4.2: 1/4" stereo headphone plug and the 1/4" stereo plug for the CD INPUT

Fig. 4.3: Stereo adapter cable

Fig. 4.4: Mono adapter cable





Guitar input

1/4" TS connector

CD input

1/4" TRS connector




Headphone output

1/4" TRS connector




Output stage power

15 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms





8" vintage design


guitar loudspeaker


4 Ohms


Power rating

20 Watts





Mains voltage





120 V~, 60 Hz



230 V~, 50 Hz



230 V~, 50 Hz










(H x W x D)

approx. 322 mm (13 1/8")


x 357 mm (14 1/16")


x 162 mm (6 3/8")


approx. 5.6 kg (11 lbs. 3 oz.)

BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice. Specifications and appearance may differ from those listed or shown.






To be protected by the extended warranty, the buyer must complete and return the enclosed warranty card within 14 days of the date of purchase to BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in § 3. Failure to return the card in due time (date as per postmark) will void any extended warranty claims. Based on the conditions herein, the buyer may also choose to use the online registration option via the Internet ( or


1.BEHRINGER (BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH including all BEHRINGER subsidiaries listed on the enclosed page, except BEHRINGER Japan) warrants the mechanical and electronic components of this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year* from the original date of purchase, in accordance with the warranty regulations described below. If the product shows any defects within the specified warranty period that are not excluded from this warranty as described under § 4, BEHRINGER shall, at its discretion, either replace or repair the product using suitable new or reconditioned parts. In the case that other parts are used which constitute an improvement, BEHRINGER may, at its discretion, charge the customer for the additional cost of these parts.

2.If the warranty claim proves to be justified, the product will be returned to the user freight prepaid.

3.Warranty claims other than those indicated above are expressly excluded.


1. To obtain warranty service, the buyer (or his authorized dealer) must call BEHRINGER (see enclosed list) during normal business hours BEFORE returning the product. All inquiries must be accompanied by a description of the problem. BEHRINGER will then issue a return authorization number.

2.Subsequently, the product must be returned in its original shipping carton, together with the return authorization number to the address indicated by BEHRINGER.

3.Shipments without freight prepaid will not be accepted.


1.Warranty services will be furnished only if the product is accompanied by a copy of the original retail dealer’s invoice. Any product deemed eligible for repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty will be repaired or replaced.

2.If the product needs to be modified or adapted in order to comply with applicable technical or safety standards on a national or local level, in any country which is not the country for which the product was originally developed and manufactured, this modification/adaptation shall not be considered a defect in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover any such modification/adaptation, irrespective of whether it was carried out properly or not. Under the terms of this warranty, BEHRINGER shall not be held responsible for any cost resulting from such a modification/adaptation.

3.Free inspections and maintenance/repair work are expressly excluded from this warranty, in particular, if caused by improper handling of the product by the user. This also applies to defects caused by normal wear and tear, in particular, of faders, crossfaders, potentiometers, keys/buttons, tubes, guitar strings, illuminants and similar parts.

4.Damages/defects caused by the following conditions are not covered by this warranty:

simproper handling, neglect or failure to operate the unit in compliance with the instructions given in BEHRINGER user or service manuals.

sconnection or operation of the unit in any way that does not comply with the technical or safety regulations applicable in the country where the product is used.

sdamages/defects caused by force majeure or any other condition that is beyond the control of BEHRINGER.

5.Any repair or opening of the unit carried out by unauthorized personnel (user included) will void the warranty.

6.If an inspection of the product by BEHRINGER shows that the defect in question is not covered by the warranty, the inspection costs are payable by the customer.

7.Products which do not meet the terms of this warranty will be repaired exclusively at the buyer’s expense. BEHRINGER will inform the buyer of any such circumstance. If the buyer fails to submit a written repair order within 6 weeks after notification, BEHRINGER will return the unit C.O.D. with a separate invoice for freight and packing. Such costs will also be invoiced separately when the buyer has sent in a written repair order.


This warranty is extended exclusively to the original buyer (customer of retail dealer) and is not transferable to anyone who may subsequently purchase this product. No other person (retail dealer, etc.) shall be entitled to give any warranty promise on behalf of BEHRINGER.


Failure of BEHRINGER to provide proper warranty service shall not entitle the buyer to claim (consequential) damages. In no event shall the liability of BEHRINGER exceed the invoiced value of the product.


1.This warranty does not exclude or limit the buyer’s statutory rights provided by national law, in particular, any such rights against the seller that arise from a legally effective purchase contract.

2.The warranty regulations mentioned herein are applicable unless they constitute an infringement of national warranty law.

* Customers in the European Union please contact BEHRINGER Germany Support for further details.

Technical specifications and appearance subject to change without notice. The information contained herein is correct at the time of printing. The names of companies, institutions or publications pictured or mentioned and their respective logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Their use neither constitutes a claim of the trademarks by BEHRINGER® nor affiliation of the trademark owners with BEHRINGER®. BEHRINGER® accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies either wholly or in part upon any description, photograph or statement contained herein. Colours and specification may vary slightly from product. Products are sold through our authorised dealers only. Distributors and dealers are not agents of BEHRINGER® and have absolutely no authority to bind BEHRINGER® by any express or implied undertaking or representation. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording of any kind, for any purpose, without the express written permission of BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH. BEHRINGER® is a registered trademark.

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