AT&T 206 User Manual
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MODELS 206/410/820


Get an idle line without having to push a button or interrupt someone else’s call.


Using the built-inspeaker system, communicate with others on your MERLIN system, even if they are already on the phone.


Test the lights and ringer to ensure that your phone has been installed properly.


Control the volume of your speaker and ringer.


RED-pointsto line you’ll get if you pick up handset.GREEN-tellsstatus oflines–free,busy, ringing or on hold.


Dial internal calls with the touch of a button.


Put calls on hold; then, other calls can be answered or placed.


Timed “switchhook flash” for Centrex or PBX services.

Your MERLIN Communications System was designed to provide you with sophisticated telephone service. Modular and expandable, it can grow as your business needs grow. You can increase the usefulness of yourMERLIN system by installing a Type I Feature Cartridge in your Control Unit. If you have such a Feature Cartridge, ignore this document and read the material that came with the cartridge. If you’ve elected to

stay with Standard Features for now, this Guide will tell you how they work. This guide explains Standard Features for three different models—the

206, 410 and 820. They differ in the number of lines and voice terminals (telephones) that can be accommodated.

You can use a variety of different voice terminals with your MERLIN system. AllMERLIN voice terminals, available now or offered in the future, will work on yourMERLIN system. The same is true of almost

all accessories.



Here are the initial features you get when your MERLIN system is installed:





Auto Dial

Fixed features

The dial pad is surrounded by labeled buttons, which are called the Fixed

Features. With Standard Features you get two Fixed Features, HOLD and

RECALL. A Feature Cartridge is required to get the rest.

Indicator lights

Notice how the lights work on your MERLIN telephone. A triangular red light points to the outside line you’ll get if you pick up the handset. Green lights tell you the status of lines: free, busy, ringing, or on hold.


Making an outside call


When you want to make a call, the MERLIN system automatically selects


a line for you. All you have to do is pick up and dial. This feature is called


Automatic Line Selection.


If you want to use a line other than the one the system selected for


you, such as a WATS line, you can do so simply by touching the button


for the desired line. That’s all there is to it!

Making an intercom call

The intercom is used to call another person on your MERLIN system. When you call someone on the intercom, that person will hear you, even if they’re busy on a call, because intercom announcements come out of a separate speaker. You may give the other person a brief message, such as announcing a call, or you may ask them to pick up and talk to you.

Every phone in your MERLIN system has a unique intercom code number. The code numbers are different on the three models:

Model 206

Model 410

Model 820

Codes 0 through 5 Codes 10 through 19 Codes 10 through 29

To make the call, touch an INTERCOM button, pick up the handset, and dial the intercom code number. When you hear a beep, give your

message or ask the other person to pick up for a conversation.

Intercom auto dial (Models 206 and 410 only)

These buttons take the place of intercom codes. If you have Intercom Auto Dial buttons, they dial the intercom code number for you. They can be labeled with a person’s name. Otherwise, the procedure is the same: Touch INTERCOM, touch the Intercom Auto Dial button.

Answering an outside call

Once again, there is no need to push any buttons. You simply pick up the handset when the telephone rings. This feature is called Automatic Line Selection.

If the phone is not ringing but you see a line flashing with a green


light, you can answer that call by touching the line button.


Answering an intercom call


When someone calls you on intercom, you’ll hear a short beep followed


by the caller’s voice over your speaker. To answer the call, just pick up


the handset.


Joining a call


An outside call in progress is indicated by a steady green light next to one


of the line buttons. If someone invites you to join in on their call, simply


press the appropriate line button. You’re now part of a three-waycall.


Placing a call on hold


Simply touch the HOLD button. The green light next to the held line will


flash rapidly. To return to the call, touch the button for the line next to the


rapidly flashing green light. If someone else has put a call on hold, that call


will also flash, but less rapidly.


The Hold feature is useful when you need to deal with more than


one call at the same time. If a call comes through for you when you’re


already on a call, you can put your present call on hold and answer the


other one by touching the flashing line button. If you do not need to hold


your present call, you can terminate it and simultaneously answer the

other call by touching the flashing line button.

Transferring a call

To transfer a call to someone else in your system, you must first place it on hold by touching the HOLD button. Then, call the person you’re transferring the call to by touching an INTERCOM button and dialing that person’s intercom code number. When you hear the beep, announce the call and hang up.

At this point, the green light next to the line with the call you’re transferring should be flashing rapidly. When the other person picks up the call, the light should stop flashing and be a steady green, indicating that the line is in use again. If the light continues to flash rapidly, it means that the other person was not able to pick up the call. You may pick it up again yourself now by touching the line button next to the rapidly flashing green light.


On most telephone company lines, you can disconnect a call without hanging up. Simply touch the RECALL button. This will return you to dial tone on the line you’re on, whether it’s an outside line or an intercom line, enabling you to make a second call immediately.

If you’re on a PBX or Centrex system, or have other special services, RECALL serves to “flash” the system (corresponding to a switchhook flash on an ordinary telephone).

Test switch

This switch lets you know if the lights and ringing of your MERLIN phone are working correctly. Push the switch away from you to the T (Test) position. Observe the lights and ringing. Return the switch to the center position.

Volume control

Use this control to adjust the volume of the ringer and the speaker simultaneously.