AT&T 1820 User Manual
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Telephone Operation

Memory Dialing

Answering System Operation

Remote Operation


Setting Up the System

Follow these steps below to set up your new system before you install it on a desk, table or wall.

1.Install the batteries: Open the battery door on the bottom of the unit by pulling on the tabs. Insert the batteries, making sure they are oriented properly. The batteries are used to save your messages in the event of a power failure.

2.Set the DIAL MODE switch: Set the DIAL MODE switch on the bottom of the system to TT (touch tone) unless you have dial pulse (rotary) service. If you have dial pulse service, set the DIAL MODE switch to DP.

DIAL MODE: This telephone has a selectablepush-buttondial which will work with either tone or rotary telephone service. It can be set to work directly withlong-distanceor certain other services that require tone signaling, including sometone-activatedcomputer services.

3.Continue unit installation: To install the unit on a table or desk, continue on to “Table/Desk Installation”. To install the unit on a wall, go to “Wall Installation”.

Table/Desk Installation

Follow the steps below to install your new system on a table or desk.

1.Complete Steps 1 through 3 in “Setting up the System” in the previous section.

2.Connect the handset cord: Plug one end of the coiled handset cord into the handset and the other end into the jack on the left side of the unit.

3.Connect the line cord: Plug one end of the7-foottelephone line cord into the TEL LINE jack at the back of the unit, and plug the other end into a modular wall jack.

4.Connect the power cord: Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch. The Message Window counts down from 6 to 0, then “0” flashes to indicate that you need to record an announcement.

Wall Installation

Follow the steps below to install your new system as a wall unit.

1.Complete Steps 1 through 3 in “Setting Up the System”.

2.Reverse the handset tab: To mount the telephone on a wall, you must reverse the handset tab. This tab holds the handset when you hang up. While holding down the switchhook, slide the tab up and out of its slot. Turn the tab so that the curved end is up and insert the tab back into its slot.

3.Reposition the base bracket:

a)Turn the unit upside down.

b)Remove the bracket by pressing the movable tabs (with arrows) while lifting off the bracket.

c)Turn the bracket around and insert the non-movabletabs into the slots at the other end of the unit.

d)Press the movable tabs while lowering them into the slots. The bracket should snap firmly into place.

4.Connect the line cord to unit: Plug one end of the8-inchtelephone line cord into the TEL LINE jack at the back of the unit.

5.Place telephone on wall jack: Plug the free end of the line cord into the wall jack. Position the unit on the wall jack mounting studs and pull down until it holds securely in place.