AT&T 1485 User Manual

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Table/Desk Installation

¥NOTE: Install this telephone away from electronic equipment, such as personal computers,television sets or microwave ovens. Avoid excessive heat,cold, dust or moisture.

1Connect the corded handset to the base.

2Connect the telephone line cord. (figure a)

3Connect the power cord to the base and an electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch. (figure a) The answer ON/OFF light

goes on, and CL flashes in the message window.

Use only the power cord supplied with this product. If you need a replacement, call 1-800-222–3111.

4Check for dial tone .

Lift the handset, you should hear a dial tone.

¥NOTE: For Wall Mount Installation see page 5 in the User Manual.

Handset Charger Installation

1Connect the power cord. Be sure to plug the cord into an electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch.

2Install the handset batter y. Use NiCd Replacement Battery 3301,SKU# 91076. (figure b)

3Charge the handset battery.

Place the handset in the remote charging stand.The CHARGING light goes on.

Charge the battery at least 12 hours.

4Check for dial tone.

After the batteries are charged,lift the handset and press ; you should hear a dial tone.


2.4 GHz Corded Cordless

Telephone with Caller ID/Call

Waiting 1485/1185







Power Cord

Line Cord

figure a

a)Remove battery compartment cover by pressing on the indentation and sliding downward.

c)Place battery pack in compartment with the wires in the lower left corner, along the bottom of the battery pack.

b)Align two holes in plug with socket pins, and snap the plug into place.

d) Replace cover by sliding it up into place.

figure b


Set the time and date displayed on handset screen

If you subscribe to Caller ID service, the date and time will be set automatically with the first incoming call.

If you do not have Caller ID service, you can set the date and time manually.

Press , then pressuntilis displayed. Press.

The month is flashing. Use orto select the current month. Press.

The day is flashing. Use orto select the correct day. Press.

The hour is flashing. Use orto select the current hour. Press.

The minute is flashing. Use orto select the correct minute. Press.

oris flashing. Useorto choose betweenand. Press.

Set the phone for tone or pulse dialing (base only)

Press on base.

Press oruntiland the current setting is displayed,then press.

Use orto select the correct setting.

Press to save the setting.

Set the language

Press on the base oron the handset.

Press oruntilis displayed.

Press , the current setting is flashing.

Use orto select,or.

Press to save the setting.

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Answering System

Press to turn the system on or off. When the system is on, you will hear “Machine on” and the ON/OFF light will be lit.

If you turn the system on at the first time, it works using the default setting and pre-recordedoutgoing announcements. For details on recording your own outgoing announcements and changing system settings, see “ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATIONAT THE BASE” starting on page 24 of your User’s Manual.

Set the Clock

1Make sure the answering system is on.

2Press .The system announces the clock setting then announces:“To change clock, press.”

3Press .

4Press until the system announces the correct day, then press.

5Press until the system announces the correct hour, then press.

6Press until the system announces the correct minutes,then press.

7Press until the system announces the correct years,then press. The system announces the current clock setting.

¥NOTE:You can choose to set the day and time manually, or you can allow it to be set automatically with incoming Caller ID Information.

¥NOTE: Press and holdto advance the minute or the year by 10.

¥NOTE: The selection of the year is from 2000 to 2039.

Record Your Announcement

¥NOTE: For complete details about recording announcements, see “Record Your Announcement”

in the ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATION section of your User’s Manual.

1With the system set for the desired answer mode

(normal or Announce Only) press until you hear “Change announcement.”

2Press . After you hear “Now recording” followed by a beep, speak toward the

base to record an nnouncement up to 90 seconds long.

3Press any MAILBOX/STOP button to stop recording. The system plays back your recorded message.