Abocom HomePlug AV Ethernet Bridge PLE0200 User Manual

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Plug the included Ethernet network cable into


Plug type

the computer's Ethernet port.


Plug the other end of this cable into the Ethernet port of the Bridge.

Plug type


Inlet type




Plug the Bridge into an electrical socket.( Plug type)

Plug the electrical cable into electrical port.( Inlet type )

Because the Bridge sends data over the powerlines of your house, plug the Bridge directly into an electrical socket. It’s recommended not to plug the device into a power strip with surge protection. And do not plug the device into UPS. The Bridge has its own power filter for protection against surges.

Inlet type

Plug the other end of this cable into an electrical socket.

The installation of the Bridge is complete. You can enjoy this HomePlug AV product by default setting now. If you want to further configure the Bridge, proceed to

Software Installation.

Note: If you want to distinguish the 200M’s adapter (AV) from 14 M’s adapter, you can go to the Network Connections of Control Panel. And open the Connection which one is connecting and also finish the hardware installation. You can check the connection speed is 100.0 Mbps, but 14M will show 10.0Mbps.

200M type

14M type

Installing the HomePlug AV Utility

Insert the included utility CD into the CD-ROMdrive of your computer and then perform Setup.exe within setup folder or click install Utility option in CDAuto-Runprogram.

Click Next to continue.

Select the destination folder and click Next.

Note: Utility could be installed in Windows

Vista(x86), Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP,

Windows 2000.

Select the components, just click Next to continue.

Wait for the finish status.

If you have not installed the FrameWork 1.1, please continue to install. And after the step, you will complete the Software installation. To launch theHomePlug AV utility on the windows‘s desktop.