Abocom UFT128 User Manual

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USB Fast Ethernet


The USB LAN ISDN Adapter provides outside-the-box plug- and-play local area network connections for USB-enabled PCs, notebooks and laptops. This adapter uses a B type USB port to connect with the USB host, and an RJ-45 port to connect with a 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN link. Installation is easy and no external power is required! The network sharing is easier than ever.

ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) is the most convenient and economical way to use the existing copper wire for both voice and data communication. Data transmission rate can reach up to 128K. It can not only provides 128K transmission but also allows voice conversation and fast Internet Access simultaneously.


*Answering Machine with BVRP or RVS-COM

*Euro File Transfer with BVRP or RVS-COM

*Fax with BVRP or RVS-COM

*Internet Access

*Phone with BVRP or RVS-COM

Hardware Interface








* Link

* B1

* B2

Supported operating systems

* Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

Switch Protocol

*DSS1: Euro-ISDN

Software Interface

*CAPI 2.0

*ISDN WAN Miniport

S/T ISDN Interface

*Support OSI level 1 conform to UIT-T I.430 for basic access at S and T interfaces (ETSI 300012/ANSI T1.605)

*Line interface transformer direct drive

*Full-duplex transmission at 192kbps on separate transmit and receive twisted pairs using alternate mark inversion (AMI) line coding

*2 B channels at 64kbps each plus 1 D channel at 16kbps

*All I.430 wiring configurations supported including passive bus for TE'S distributed point to point and point to multipoint

*Multiframe support

*Analog part: included with adaptive detection threshold and equalizer

USB Interface

*USB 1.0 specification full compliance, 1.1 specification compatibility (1.1 power management compliance), 12 Mbps full speed

*On-chip USB transceiver with digital PLL

*6 isochronous endpoints for B1, B2 , D channels data

. interrupt endpoint for I430

*ISDN protocol and data.control endpoint for USB standard plus vendor specific request

*Communication device class and vendor requests

*Bus or self powered application (pin programmable)

*Onnow power management (D0, D2, D3) suspend mode compliance

*Pin programmable high/low power USB device registration, wake - up capability, USB device identification


*USB hot plug and play interface

*Control access and interrupt handling provided through the USB interface

*All FIFOS and FIFOS management needed included for USB/ISDN data processing

*Internal PLL to generate the USB 48MHz clock from a 15.36MHz crystal

*Internal regulator for 3.3V generation from USB bus 5V

*48 pin TQFP package

*0.35 micron HCMOS 6 process

LAN Specifications

Network standard

*IEEE 802.3 for 10BaseT

*IEEE 802.3u for 100BaseTX

Data Rate

*10/100 Mbps

*Double data transfer rate in full duplex mode