Abocom FSM610 User Manual

65.13 Kb

Wireless 802.11b/g MIMOTM

Wireless Router

The FSM610 is an 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router with4-portFast Ethernet Switch. TheFSM610 offers complementary extensions to existing wired LAN, the wireless users can painlessly have access to the Internet as LAN users. With thebuilt-inNAT capability, theFSM610 allows SOHOs to share a broadband Modem with single

IP account simultaneously from different rooms without the hassle of cabling.


4-Port Switching Hub. The Wireless Router incorporates a4-port10/100BaseT switching hub, making it easy to create or extend your LAN.

DHCP Server Support. DynamicHostConfigurationProtocol provides a dynamic IP address to PCs and other devices upon request. The Wireless Router can act as aDHCP Server for devices on your local LAN and WLAN.

Easy Setup. Use your WEB browser from anywhere on the LAN or WLAN for configuration.

Remote Management. The Wireless Router can be managed from any PC on your LAN. And, if the Internet connection exists, it can also (optionally) be configured via the Internet.

Network Diagnostics. You can use the Wireless Router to perform aPing.

UPnP Support. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) allows automatic discovery and configuration of the Wireless Router. UPnP is by supported by Windows ME, XP, or later.

Password - protected Configuration. Optional password protection is provided to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the configuration data and settings.

Wireless LAN Security. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA/WPA2,WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSKare supported, as well as Wireless access control to prevent unknown wireless stations from accessing your LAN.

NATT Protection. An intrinsic side effect of NAT (Network Address Translation) technology is that by allowing all LAN users to share a single IP address, the location and even the existence of each PC is hidden. From the external viewpoint, there is no network, only a single device - the Wireless Router.

Protection against DoS attacks. DoS (Denial of Service) attacks can flood your Internet connection with invalid packets and connection requests, using so much bandwidth and so many resources that Internet access becomes unavailable. The Wireless Router incorporates protection against DoS attacks.



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