Unified Brands EcoArch, Energy Efficient Ventilation Systems EcoArch User Manual


The Most Energy Efficient

Ventilation System.

The Avtec EcoArch combines both an economical and environmentally safe solution for the need for high-quality, costeffective ventilation performance in today’s foodservice kitchens.

The EcoArch ventilation system addresses the growing need to reduce the amount of conditioned air from a kitchen space. The combination of the patent pending arch top and

the front mounted high velocity exhaust slot reduces the amount of exhausted CFM by 45% compared to traditional CFM rates. This translates into an annual electric and gas savings

of up to 40%.

Now that’s maximizing your energy and cost savings!

The Avtec EcoArch is the latest addition in premium ventilation systems that continues Avtec’s reputation as an innovative, technology leader focused on providing solutions for our customers needs.

INSIDE FRONT OF HOOD: Easy and safe accessibility to filter medium

Front Mounted

Exhaust Plenum

The EcoArch is different from almost all other kitchen exhaust hoods on the market today. The exhaust plenum is in the front of the hood versus the traditional rear location to minimize exhausted kitchen air and for easier and safer access to the filter medium for cleaning

and/or replacement.

High Velocity Exhaust Slot

Locating the high velocity exhaust slot as close to the top of the hood as possible allows the arched top to easily direct the contaminated heated air directly into the exhaust plenum. The slot is designed to create a rate of speed faster than the updraft velocities developing from the cooking process. This higher rate of speed, in conjunction with the arch, is the key to successfully capturing contaminated air at very

low exhaust requirements.

INSIDE FRONT OF HOOD: High velocity exhaust slot allows contaminated air to flow directly into the filter medium

Environmental & Safety Solutions

At Unified Brands, we believe that utility conservation and energy efficiency are paramount to protecting our environment and ensuring the safety of food supplies for future generations. That’s why select products, like the Avtec EcoArch Energy Efficient Ventilation System, bear the ENVIROSAFE Standard mark of distinction. They’ve been rigorously tested and proven to meet and exceed the criteria demanded by select certifications for environmental and food safety excellence. We are committed to the responsible conservation of our planet’s natural resources. This product has been designed to reduce HVAC energy and costs less to operate than other products in the same category – without sacrificing performance or food safety.

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