Unified Brands Randell User Manual


Reach-In Refrigerators, Freezers

The Revolution of Reach-In’s








New solid state








control on freezers;

New Control. Standard







digital readout on








Freezer Control, Solid State







New press-fit

Programmable Defrost


Timing, Refrigeration Cycles,



















Temperature Set Points, Operator



















Lock Out. Visual Hi And Lo Temp



















Alarm. Matching Digital Readout










Thermometer Standard On All




















New Press-fit Gaskets.



















Expansion Valve Refrigeration



















System For Faster Recovery Under









off louver

Typical, Heavy-duty Load, Kitchen








panel for easier









maintenance and









access to temp-

Life-time Warranty On Hinges And








control (refrig-








erator); top mount-
















ed refrigeration









Casters And Shelves Pre-mounted








system runs cooler








for efficiency

At Factory. Roll The Equipment In,










Place It, And Plug It In.










Top-mounted Refrigeration System










With Lift Off Louver For Easier










Maintenance And Cooler Operation.










2.5” Min. Cfc Free Polyurethane










Insulation Throughout.










Environmentally Conscious, Energy




















Standard “Restaurant” Series.










Stainless Steel Front/Anodized










Aluminum Exterior Ends And Interior.


Life-time war-


Institutional “E” Series. Stainless


ranty on hinges



and handles



Steel Exterior Front/Sides And




















Standard Uprights. (Coolers,










Freezers, Heated) Stainless Doors










And Glass Doors







The optional moni-

Roll-ins. (Coolers, Freezers, Heated)







toring unit offers the







ability for off-site








temperature control

Some Options Include Tray-racks, 1/2







and temperature

Doors, 1/2 Sliders, Pass-through,








And Drawers.










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