Unified Brands Cook-Chill Production Systems User Manual




Cook-Chill is a revolutionary way to create meals that look and taste like they were freshly and individually prepared … yet may have been produced for hundreds to thousands at a time.

CapKold is one of the market leaders in Cook-Chill technology. With dedication to research and development, CapKold continues to bring innovation to Cook-Chill, including new products and enhancements.

Cooking, packaging and chilling equipment allows preparation of multiple portions in a single batch;

Sophisticated systems control equipment and monitor product through the entire process;

Combination of plastic casings and water bath chillers

accelerate chilling and deliver safe, extended, refrigerated shelf lives up to 45 days.

Refrigerated food bank for storage up to 45 days

CapKold kitchen (from left to right, shown above) - kettle control panel, (2) kettles, tumble chiller

and pump-fill station


In the early 1970s, Groen and a major packaging film manufacturer developed CapKold

– a food production, packaging and rapid chilling system designed as a safe, economical alternative to traditional cook-and-serve. Groen was the first to apply volume food production techniques, sophisticated control technology and the latest packaging films to the Cook-Chill concept. Today, CapKold provides equipment systems that offer cost-savings while delivering the fresh taste and quality of just-cooked food.


The Cook-Chill concept was developed as a solution to the age-old problem of matching food production to demand. It separates food production from food serving by creating a “food bank” or inventory of prepared product. The key to safe extended storage of foods is very rapid chilling through the bacterial growth “danger zone.” The key to retaining food quality, taste, textures and aroma is controlled refrigerated storage.


ANNUAL SAVINGS CALCULATION CHART Use to Estimate How Much CapKold Can Save You











Multiply your expenses by the savings factors listed below.















A) Yearly hot food production labor cost (30-50% savings)*



x .50



($500,000 x .50)

= $250,000











B) Yearly raw prepared food cost (10% savings)**



x .10



($600,000 x .10)

= $60,000











C) Yearly labor savings for cleaning pots & pans (8% savings)*



x .08



($100,000 x .08)

= $8,000











D) Yearly energy cost KW/H (2% savings)*



x .02



($30,000 x .02)

= $600











GRAND TOTAL (add lines A-D)





(total savings)

= $318,600










*Estimated savings.

**10% Savings of raw prepared food cost includes: reduces food waste of 2-3%, recipe standardization savings of 1-2%, purchasing— economy savings of 2%, reduction in pilferage of 1%, and a 3-5% cost savings on increased muscle meat yields of 25-35%.


A CapKold System can prepare a wide variety of popular menu entrees, side dishes and dessert items, plus many key product components or sauces. Here is just a sample …

Broth & Cream-Based Soups/Chowders

Ethnic Specialties & Other Items

Hearty Stews, Home-Style Casseroles & More

Prepared Meats & Prepared Foods

Sauces, Gravies & Fillings

Whole Meat Items

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