Unified Brands Groen Tri-Res20 User Manual



Triple Mode Cooking System

Introducing the Groen Tri-Res20™ Triple Mode Cooking System with Tri-Res™ Technology.

The Tri-Res20 Triple Mode Cooking System with Tri-Res Technology is a full size, gas, combination oven that brings simplicity to the traditionally complex world of combination cooking.

Featuring Groen’s new Tri-Res Technology, an exclusive boilerless steaming reservoir system, the Tri-Res20 addresses the needs of institutional and commercial foodservice operators for easy steam, convection and combination cooking that provides maximum, energy-efficient performance at an affordable price.

As the leader in boilerless technology, Groen has introduced the only boilerless combination oven on the market with the steaming performance of

a traditional batch steamer.


Triple Mode Cooking System

Competitive Advantages.

Simple To Operate

The simple, user friendly control panel features easy to read displays, intuitive cook mode, time and temperature settings. This easy to use combination oven ensures kitchen personnel can be trained how to use the oven in less than five minutes.

The semi-automatic cleansing system makes it fast and easy to clean the oven interior.

The side-by-side pan configuration allows for easy front accesstoallfoodpans.Theuniquebuiltinracksystemhandle nowmakesitevensaferandeasiertoremovecookedproduct from the oven.

Reduce cook times with the high performance Tri-Res steaming technology.

Easy To Maintain

With the patent pendingTri-Res boilerless steaming reservoir systemdesign,therearenosteamgeneratorstodelimewhich means less maintenance, greater reliability and increased cost savings.TheTri-Res boilerless water reservoir design also offers greater durability than mist type combination ovens by reducing chloride stress corrosion caused by flash steaming.

Energy Efficient Design

TheuniqueTri-Resthermogenicheattransferdesignoperates at a low 62,000 BTU/HR resulting in significant operational cost savings to operators. This design also provides uniform heating throughout the oven resulting in very even cooking.

Water usage is at a minimum with the Tri-Res boilerless steaming reservoir system resulting in significant water savings over traditional steam generator combination ovens.


Operators now have an easy to use combination oven at an affordable price. Tri-Res is for those operators who use convection ovens, steamers and high end combi ovens looking for a simple to use combination oven without paying for advanced features and controls which they will never fully utilize.

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