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O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0













TRANSPORT AND STORAGE...................................


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.................................



Read this guide through carefully before assembling, using or servicing your fitness equipment. Please keep the guide somewhere safe; it will provide you now and in the future with the information you need to use and maintain your equipment. Always follow these instructions with care.


Before you start any training, consult a physician to check your state of health.

If you experience nausea, dizziness or other abnormal symptoms while exercising, stop your workout at once and consult a physician.

To avoid muscular pain and strain, begin each workout by warming up and end it by cooling down (slow pedaling at low resistance). Don’t forget to stretch at the end of the workout.



The equipment is not to be used outdoors.

Place the equipment on a firm, level surface. Place the equipment on a protective base to avoid any damages to the floor beneath the equipment.

Make sure that the exercising environment has adequate ventilation.

To avoid catching cold, do not exercise in a draughty place.

In training, the equipment tolerates an environment measuring +10°C to

+35°C. The equipment can be stored in temperatures ranging between

-15°Cand +40°C. Air humidity in the training or storage environment must never exceed 90 %.


If children are allowed to use the equipment, they should be supervised and taught to use the equipment properly, keeping in mind the child’s physical and mental development and their personality.

Before you start using the equipment, make sure that it functions correctly

in every way. Do not use a faulty equipment.

Press the keys with the tip of the finger; your nails may damage the key membrane.

Never lean on the interface.

Never remove the side covers. Do not step on the frame casing.

Only one person may use the equipment at a time.

Hold the stationary handlebar for support when getting on or off the equipment.

Wear appropriate clothing and shoes when exercising.

Protect the meter from sunlight and always dry the surface of the meter if there are any drops of sweat on it.

Further information on warranty terms can be found in the warranty booklet included with the product.

Please note that the warranty does not cover damage due to shipping or negligence of adjustment or

maintenance instructions described in this manual.


The equipment must not be used by persons weighing over 150 kg.

Make sure the equipment is unplugged before carrying out any assembly or maintenance procedures.

Do not attempt any servicing or adjustments other than those described in this guide. Everything else must

be left to someone familiar with the maintenance of electromechanical equipment and authorized under the laws of the country in question to carry out maintenance and repair work.

This product must be grounded. If it should malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides a path of least

resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock. This product is equipped with a cord having an equipment-groundingconductor and

a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.


Improper connection of the equipmentgrounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician or technician if you are in doubt as to whether the product is properly grounded. Do not modify the plug provided with the product - if it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.


Note about safety for units with electrical power

Before connecting the equipment to a power source, make sure that the local voltage matches that indicated on the type plate: the equipment operates at either 230 v or 115 v (north american version). Note! The equipment must be connected to a grounded wall socket. Do not use extension wires when connecting the equipment to the power


O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0

source. Always switch off the power and unplug the equipment from the electrical outlet immediately after using!

To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to persons:

1.The equipment should never be left unattended when plugged in.

Unplug the equipment from the outlet when not in use, before carrying out any maintenance or repair procedures, and before moving the unit.

2.Do not operate the equipment under a blanket or other combustive material. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock or injury to persons.

3.Do not connect the equipment

to a power source, or operate the equipment if there is any sort of damage to the power cord or the unit itself.

4.Do not connect the equipment to a power source or operate the equipment outdoors or in damp locations.

5.Keep the power cord away from hot objects.

6.Do not route the power cord beneath a carper or place any objects on the cord. Also make sure that the power cord does not run underneath the equipment.

7.Do not alter (for example lengthen) the cord between the transformer and the unit.

Note about assembling the equipment

Start by unpacking the equipment. The detailed assembly instructions can be found at the back of this guide. Follow the instructions in given order.

Before assembly, check the contents of the package. If a part is missing, please contact your dealer with the model, equipment serial no. and spare part no. of the missing part. You’ll find a spare part list at the back of this guide. The


O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0

hardware kit contents are marked with

* in the spare parts list. The directions left, right, front and back are defined as seen from the exercising position. Keep the assembly tools, as you may need them e.g. for adjusting the equipment.

Note that two people are needed for the assembly.

The packaging includes a silicate bag for absorbing moisture during storage and transportation. Please dispose of the bag once you have unpacked the equipment.

Allow at least 100 cm of clearance around the equipment. We also recommend opening the package and assembling the product on a protective base.



Your choice shows that you really want to invest in your well being and condition; it also shows you really value high quality and style. With Tunturi Fitness Equipment, you’ve chosen a high quality, safe and motivating product as your training partner. Whatever your goal in training, we are certain this is the training equipment to get you there. You’ll find information about using your exercise equipment and what makes for efficient

training at Tunturi’s website at w w w.tunturi. com.


Working out using an elliptical trainer is excellent aerobic exercise, the principle being that the exercise should be suitably light, but of long duration. Aerobic exercise is based on improving the body ‘s maximum oxygen uptake, which in turn improves endurance and fi tness. The ability of the body to burn fat as a fuel is directly dependent on its oxygen-uptakecapacity. Aerobic exercise should above all be pleasant. You should perspire, but you should not get out of breath during the workout. You must, for example, be able to speak and not just pant while pedaling.

You should exercise at least three times a week, 30 minutes at a time, to reach a basic fi tness level. Maintaining this level requires a few exercise sessions each week. Once the basic condition

has been reached, it is easily improved simply by increasing the number of exercise sessions. Exercise is always rewarding for weight loss, because it is the only way of increasing the energy spent by the body. This is why it is always worthwhile to combine regular exercise with a healthy diet. A dieter should exercise daily, at fi rst 30 minutes or less at a time, gradually increasing the daily workout time to one


You should start slowly at a low pedaling speed and low resistance, because for an overweight person strenuous exercise may subject the heart and circulatory system to excessive strain. As fitness improves, resistance and pedaling speed can be increased gradually. Exercise efficiency can be measured by monitoring the pulse. The pulse meter helps you monitor your pulse easily during exercise, and thus to ensure that the exercise is sufficiently effective but not over-strenuous.Start your workout with slow tempo and low resistance. Gradually increase tempo and resistance according to your own condition. Keep your head up and neck long in order to avoid stress on your neck, shoulders and back. Keep also your back straight. Make sure that your feet are centered on the foot pedals and that your hips, knees, ankles and toes are facing forward. Keep your body weight centered over your lower body regardless of whether you lean forward or stand upright. Stop your workout by gradually decreasing tempo and resistance.

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards. To strengthen cardiovascular system, maintain low resistance but high tempo. Exercising with higher resistance and slow tempo strengthens correspondingly your back

and hips.


No matter what your goal, you’ll get the best results by training at the right level of effort, and the best measure is your own heart rate.

The CF30 meter has a heart rate receiver compatible with Polar equipment, so you can also use Polar uncoded heart rate transmitter belts for heart rate measurement.

NOTE! If you are fitted with a pacemaker, please consult a physician before using a heart rate transmitter belt.

The most reliable heart rate measurement is achieved with a telemetric device, in which the electrodes of the transmitter fastened to the chest transmit the pulses from the heart to the console by means of an electromagnetic field. If you want to measure your heart rate this way during your workout, moisten the grooved electrodes on the transmitter belt with saliva or water. Fasten the transmitter just below the chest with the elastic belt, firmly enough so that the electrodes remain in contact with the skin while exercising, but not so

tight that normal breathing is prevented. If you wear the transmitter and belt over a light shirt, moisten the shirt slightly at the points where the electrodes touch the shirt. The transmitter automatically transmits the heart rate reading to the console up to a distance of about 1 m.

If the electrode surfaces are not moist, the heart-


rate reading will not appear on the display. If the electrodes are dry, they must be moistened again. Allow the electrodes warm up properly to ensure accurate heart rate measurement. If there are several telemetric heart rate measurement devices next to each other, the distance between them should be at least 1.5 m. Similarly, if there is only one receiver and several transmitters in use, only one person with a transmitter should be within transmission range. the transmitter is switched to an active state only when it is being used for measurement. sweat and other moisture can, however, keep the transmitter in an active state and waste battery energy. therefore it is important to dry the electrodes carefully after use.

When selecting training attire, please note that some fibers used in clothes (e.g. polyester, polyamide) create static electricity, which may

prevent reliable heart rate measurement. Please note that a mobile phone, television and other electrical appliances form an electromagnetic field around them, which will cause problems in heart rate measurement.



Pulse is measured by sensors in the handlebars. Pulse is measured when the user of CF30 is touching both sensors simultaneously. Reliable pulse measurement requires that the skin is constantly touching the sensors and that the skin is slightly moist. Too dry or too moist skin weakens the reliability of hand pulse measurement.


First find your maximum heart rate i.e. where the rate doesn’t increase with added effort. If you don’t know your maximum heart rate, please use the following formula as a guide:

220 - AGE

The formula gives an average value, the maximum varies from person to person. The maximum heartrate diminishes on average by one point per year. If you belong to a risk group, ask a doctor to measure your maximum heart rate for you.

We have defined three different heart-ratezones to help you with targeted training.

BEGINNER 50-60% of maximumheart-rate

Also suitable for weight-watchers,convalescents

and those who haven’t exercised for a long TIME. Three sessions a week of at least ahalf-houreach is recommended. Regular exercise considerably improves beginners’ respiratory and circulatory performance and you will quickly feel your improvement.

TR AINER 60-70% of maximumheart-rate


O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0

Perfect for improving and maintaining fitness. Even reasonable effort develops the heart and lungs effectively, training for a minimum of 30 minutes at

least three TIMEs a week. To improve your condition still further, increase either frequency or effort, but not both at the same time!

ACTIVE TR AINER 70-80% of maximum heartrate

Exercise at this level suits only the fittest and presupposes long-enduranceworkouts.



1. Selection Dial

The selection dial functions in two ways:

A)Rotating the dial (+ / -).By rotating the dial clockwise, you can scroll the menus to the right, and increase values or resistance. By rotating the dialcounter-clockwise,you can scroll the menus to the left, and decrease values or resistance.

B)Pressing the dial (ENTER). By pressing the dial, you can accept the selection you made when rotating the dial.

2. Start/Stop

Starts, pauses, and stops training. During training, pressing this button once activates the pause mode. Pressing the button again starts the program again.

3. Reset

Single push: return to the program menu. Long push: restarts the meter.

4. Recovery

Calculates your recovery heart rate index.

5. Body Fat

Calculates your body mass index (BMI) and shows your body fat %.


O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0


Time (mm:ss), speed (km/h or ml/h), RPM (revolutions per min), distance (km or ml), energy consumption (kcal), power(W) and heart rate (bpm) are displayed.



Set target time and/or distance and/or energy consumption and/or upper heart rate limit by using the SELECTION DIAL.

Start training by pressing START/STOP button.

If you have set target/targets, the target/targets start to count down. Adjust resistance with SELECTION DIAL.

2. Preset Programs

Preset program profile is shown for two seconds while programs are browsed. Select desired preset program by using the SELECTION DIAL.

Set time for training and/or target distance and/or energy and/or upper heart rate limit by SELECTION DIAL.

Start training by pressing START/STOP button. If you have set target/targets, the target/targets

start to count down. During training you can scale the load by SELECTION DIAL.

3. User Program

The program profile used last time is displayed. You can either start training with your personal memorized training targets by pressing START/ STOP or modify the program. The program profile bar (1/20) that can now be modified blinks. If you want to change, modify the blinking bar and confirm. Next bar will blink. After the last bar, the display switches back to the first bar. By pressing

the ENTER button for 2 seconds you can finish the profile modifying. Now program is ready with your memorized personal training data (time, distance, energy targets and heart rate limit). Modify your targets if needed. Start training by pressing START/ STOP button.

If you have set target/targets, the target/targets start to count down. During training you can scale the load by SELECTION DIAL

4. Heart Rate Control (H.R.C.)

Select between four different training intensities (55%, 75%, 90% or TARGET). By selecting TARGET you can insert target heart rate.

Start training by pressing START/STOP button. During the training the equipment will automatically adjust the resistance so that your target will be reached and maintained.


Set target power in watts and target time and/or distance and/or energy consumption and/or upper heart rate limit by SELECTION DIAL.

Start training by pressing START/STOP button. If you have set target/targets, the target/targets

start to count down. During training the equipment

will adjust resistance dependently on your pedaling speed, so that target power level is achieved and maintained. You can change the target power by SELECTION DIAL.

6. Recovery

Start the recovery calculation after training by pressing RECOVERY button. Recovey heart rate calculation can be started only if the heart rate measurement is activated and the heart rate value is shown on the display The measurement takes 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, the display shows your recovery index F1-F6(F1 = best result). To get back to main menu, press RECOVERY button once again.

7. Body fat

Press BODY FAT button to start measurement. Hold both hands on the handgrips and wait for 8 seconds. The meter will show body fat advice symbol, body fat % and BMI for 30 seconds.


Right after restarting the meter or reset (long push) you can enter to the user menu. Select the user and confirm. Set your sex, age, height and weight. Confirm by selection dial. Personal exercise target data (time, distance, energy, heart rate limit) will be memorized and recalled as defaults every time when the user is selected. If you modify your personal training data, it will automatically be memorized.


1.For speed and distance you can choose either metric or English units by using the KM/ML switch located on the back cover of the meter. The power cord has to be unplugged and replugged to apply the change.

2.If you are not training and buttons are not pressed, the meter switches into the Sleep mode after about four minutes. Room temperature is displayed.

3.Training is paused for a maximum of 4 minutes by pressing the START/STOP button. Pressing the button again allows you to continue the paused training session using the previous training data.

4.Entering training targets (time, distance, energy, heart rate limit) is possible only in the STOP mode (not during training).

5.If you don’t want to change your user data every time you start training, press START/STOP to skip user data editing. You’ll enter to the training in Manual mode.

6.This equipment cannot be used for therapeutic purposes.

7.Energy consumption is calculated based on average values. The energy expenditure is displayed in kilocalories. To convert this into joules, use the formula: 1 Kcal = 4.187 KJ.

8.If you are training with heart rate measurement (either chest belt or handgrip heart rate) you can set maximum heart rate limit. When limit is exceeded


while training meter will give alarm beeps.

9.Preset programs are divided into 16 steps. Duration of the one step depends on the time set for the whole training. If time is not set, duration of one step will be 100 m in distance.

10.If you have set targets to count down, a signal sounds and training automatically stops when any of target reaches zero. You can restart training by pressing START/STOP

11.Note that recovery index is in relation to the heart rate frequency in both the beginning and the end of the measurement.

12.In H.R.C program heart rate target ranges (55%, 75% and 90%) are calculated as percent from your age predicted maximum heart rate (calculation formula: maximum heart rate = 220 – age).

13.Automatic adjustment of the resistance during H.R.C program occurs upwards every 30 seconds and downwards every 15 seconds, if needed.

14.BODY FAT is a personal measurement and the result is based on average european population values.

B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) table: LOW < 20

LOW / MEDIUM 20 – 24 MEDIUM 24 - 26,5 MEDIUM / HIGH > 26,5

Formula for BMI = weight (kg) / height^2 (m)

BODY FAT % (average european population) table:


LOW < 13

LOW / MEDIUM 13 – 26

MEDIUM 26 – 30



LOW < 23

LOW / MEDIUM 23 – 36

MEDIUM 36 – 40



The equipment requires very little maintenance. Check, however, from time-to-timethat all screws and nuts are tight.

After exercising, clean the equipment with a soft, absorbent cloth. Do not use solvents.

Never remove the equipment’s protective casing.

The electromagnetic brake forms a magnetic field that may damage the mechanism of a watch, or the magnetic identification strip on a credit or cash card, should they come into immediate contact with the magnets. Never attempt to detach or remove the electromagnetic brake!

The electromagnetic brake is based on electromagnetic resistance; resistance level is electronically measured and shown as watt reading on the display. Due to the measurement system, your Tunturi crosstrainer need not be re-calibratedwhen assembled, serviced and used according to this Owner’s Manual.


O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0


Despite continuous quality control, defects and malfunctions caused by individual components may occur in the equipment. In most cases it’s unnecessary to take the whole device in for repair, as it’s usually sufficient to replace the defective part.

If the equipment does not function properly during use, contact your Tunturi dealer immediately. Always give the model and serial number of your equipment. Please state also the nature of the problem, conditions of use and purchase date.

If you require spare parts, always give the model, serial number of your equipment and the spare part number for the part you need. The spare part list

is at the back of this manual. Use only spare parts mentioned in the spare part list.


Please follow these instructions when carrying and moving the equipment about, because lifting it incorrectly may strain your back or risk other accidents:

Always switch the power off and unplug the power cord before you start moving the equipment around!

For transportation or moving of the device, two grown-upsare needed. Remain standing in front of the device on each side and take a sturdy grip at the handles. Lift the front of the device so as to lift the rear of the device on the wheels. Move the device and carefully put it down to its new place.

NOTE! Transport the equipment with caution over uneven surfaces, for example over a step. The equipment should never be transported upstairs using the wheels over the steps, instead it must be carried. We recommend that you use a protective base when transporting the equipment.

To prevent the equipment malfunctioning, store in a dry place with as little temperature variation as possible and protected from dust.






61 cm


165 cm


62 kg

The Tunturi CF30 meets the requirements of the EU’s EMC Directives on electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/EEC) and electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (73/23/EEC). This product therefore carries the CE label.

The Tunturi model CF30 meets EN precision and safety standards (Class A, EN-957,parts 1 and 9) for fitness devices. The precision of the capacity measurement is secured during manufacturing by adjusting the brake with a dynamometer.

Calculation of exercise capacity is based on rotation speed and moment.

Due to our continuous policy of product development, Tunturi reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

NOTE! The instructions must be followed carefully in the assembly, use and maintenance of your equipment. The warranty does not cover damage due to negligence of the assembly, adjustment and

maintenance instructions described herein. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Tunturi Oy Ltd will void the user’s authority to operate the equipment!

We wish you many enjoyable trainings with your new Tunturi training partner!

O W N E R ' S M A N U A L C F 3 0








TRAINIEREN MIT TUNTURI....................................






TRANSPORT UND LAGERUNG..............................


TECHNISCHE DATEN..............................................




Dieses Handbuch ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil Ihrer Trainingsausrüstung. Lesen Sie dieses Handbuch bitte sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie Ihr Trainingsgerät montieren, mit ihm trainieren oder es warten. Bitte bewahren Sie dieses Handbuch; es wird Sie jetzt und zukünftig darüber informieren, wie Sie Ihr Gerät benutzen und warten. Befolgen Sie diese Anweisungen immer sorgfältig.

Vor Beginn eines Trainingsprogrammes einen Arzt konsultieren.

Bei Übelkeit, Schwindelgefühl oder anderen anomalen Symptomen sollte das Training sofort abgebrochen und unverzüglich ein Arzt aufgesucht werden.

Dieses Gerät hat ein geschwindigkeitsabhängiges Bremssystem, d.h. je schneller Sie schreiten, desto höher ist die Belastung.

Aufgrund des natürlichen Spieltriebes und der Experimentierfreudigkeit der Kinder können Situationen und Verhaltensweisen entstehen, für die das Trainingsgerät weder gebaut noch abgesichert ist und die eine Verantwortung seitens des Herstellers ausschliessen.Wenn Sie dennoch Kinder an das Trainingsgerät lassen, müssen Sie deshalb deren geistige und körperliche Entwicklung und vor allem deren Temperament berücksichtigen, sie gegebenenfalls beaufsichtigen und sie vor allem auf die richtige Benutzung des Gerätes hinweisen.

Das Gerät sollte grundsätzlich nur von einer Person benutzt werden.

Der Anwendungsbereich dieses Trainingsgerätes ist der Heimbereich.

Das Gerät daft nur in Innenräumen benutzt werden.

Das Gerät auf möglichst ebenen Untergrund stellen.

Stützen Sie sich nie gegen das Benutzerinterface ab!

Bedienen Sie die Tasten mit der Fingerkuppe. Ein Fingernagel kann die Membrane der Tasten beschädigen.


B E T R I E B S A N L E I T U N G C F 3 0

Das Gerät nie ohne die seitlichen Abdeckungen benutzen.

Dieses Gerät ist nicht für den Einsatz in Feuchträumen (Sauna, Schwimmbad) vorgesehen.

Beim Training muss die Umgebungstemperatur zwischen +10°C und +35°C liegen. Zur Aufbewahrung kann das Gerät bei Temperaturen zwischen -15°Cund +40°C gelagert werden. Die Luftfeuchtigkeit darf nie 90 % überschreiten.

Vor Beginn des Trainings sicherstellen, dass das Gerät völlig intakt ist. Auf keinen Fall mit einem fehlerhaften Gerät trainieren.

Zum Auf-undAbsteigen am Lenker abstützen. Nicht auf das Gehäuse treten.

Zur Benutzung des Gerätes stets angemessene Kleidung und Schuhwerk tragen.

Nie die Hände in die Nähe von beweglichen Teilen bringen.

Zur Vermeidung von Muskelkater Aufund Abwärmtraining nicht vergessen.

Keine anderen als die in dieser Betriebsanleitung beschriebenen Wartungsmassnahmen und Einstellungen vornehmen. Die angegebenen

Wartungsanweisungen sind einzuhalten.

Das Gerät darf nicht von Personen benutzt werden, deren Gewicht über 150 kg liegt.

Nähere Informationen zur Garantie auf Ihr Fitnessgerät finden Sie im dem Gerät beiliegenden Garantieheft. Sowohl Tunturi, als auch seine nationalen Vertretungen übernehmen keine Haftung für Verletzungen oder Geräteschäden, die sich bei Dauereinsatz in gewerblichen Fitnesscentern, Sportvereinen und vergleichbaren Einrichtungen ergeben. Für Schäden, die durch Missachtung der beschriebenen Einstellungsund Wartungsanweisungen entstehen, besteht keinGarantie-Anspruch!

Sicherheitshinweis für Geräte mit elektrischer Stromversorgung

Vergewissern Sie sich vor dem Anschließen des Geräts an das Stromnetz, dass die örtliche

Netzspannung mit der Angabe auf dem Typschild übereinstimmt. Das Gerät arbeitet mit 230 oder 115 V (Ausführung für Nordamerika). BITTE BEACHTEN: Das Gerät muss an eine geerdete Wandsteckdose angeschlossen werden. Schließen Sie das Gerät nicht über Verlängerungskabel an das Stromnetz an. Trennen Sie das Gerät nach dem Training stets vom Netz.

So vermindern Sie die Gefahr von Verbrennungen, Bränden, Stromschlägen und Personenschäden:

1.Das Gerät darf im angeschlossenen Zustand niemals unbeaufsichtigt gelassen werden. Ziehen Sie bei Nichtverwendung den Netzstecker des Geräts ab. Ziehen Sie den Netzstecker ebenfalls ab, bevor Sie das Gerät warten, reparieren oder transportieren.

2.Betreiben Sie das Gerät nicht unter einer


B E T R I E B S A N L E I T U N G C F 3 0

Decke oder anderen brennbaren Materialien. Andernfalls kann das Gerät zu heiß werden, und es besteht die Gefahr von Bränden, Stromschlägen und Personenschäden.

3.Schließen Sie das Gerät nicht an das Stromnetz an und nehmen Sie es nicht in Betrieb, wenn Netzkabel oder Gerät in irgendeiner Weise beschädigt sind.

4.Schließen Sie das Gerät nicht im Freien oder an einem feuchten Ort an das Stromnetz an und nehmen Sie es dort auch nicht in Betrieb.

5.Achten Sie auf ausreichenden

Abstand zwischen dem Netzkabel und heißen Gegenständen.

6.Verlegen Sie das Netzkabel nicht unter dem Teppich, und stellen Sie keine Gegenstände auf das Kabel. Achten Sie außerdem darauf, dass das Gerät nicht auf dem Netzkabel steht.

7.Nehmen Sie keine Veränderungen an dem Kabel zwischen Umspanner und Gerät vor (indem Sie es beispielsweise verlängern).

Hinweis zum Zusammenbau des Geräts

Packen Sie das Gerät zunächst aus. Eine detaillierte Montageanleitung finden Sie im hinteren Teil dieses Handbuchs. Folgen Sie der Anleitung in der vorgegebenen Reihenfolge.

Kontrollieren Sie vor dem Zusammenbau zunächst den Lieferumfang. Wenden Sie sich bei fehlenden Teilen an Ihren Händler, und nennen Sie ihm die Typenbezeichnung und Seriennummer des Geräts sowie die Ersatzteilnummer des fehlenden Teils. Eine Ersatzteilliste finden Sie im hinteren Teil dieses Handbuchs. Die Hardware-Komponentensind in der Ersatzteilliste mit einem Sternchen (*)

gekennzeichnet. Die Richtungsangaben links, rechts, vorn und hinten gehen von der Trainingsposition aus. Verwahren Sie die Montagewerkzeuge, um sie bei Bedarf zur Hand zu haben (zum Beispiel zum Verstellen des Geräts). Es sei darauf hingewiesen, dass für den Zusammenbau des Geräts eine zweite Person benötigt wird.

Die Verpackung enthält eine Tüte mit Silikat, das die Feuchtigkeit während der Lagerung und des Transports aufnimmt. Bitte entsorgen Sie diese Tüte, wenn Sie das Gerät ausgepackt haben. Sorgen Sie rund um das Gerät für einen Freiraum von mindestens 100 cm. Außerdem wird empfohlen, das Paket auf einer Schutzmatte zu öffnen und das Produkt dort zusammenzubauen.



Durch Ihren Kauf haben Sie bewiesen, dass Ihnen Ihre Gesundheit und Ihre Kondition viel wert

sind; auch haben Sie gezeigt, dass Sie Qualität zu schätzen wissen. Mit einem Tunturi-Fitnessgeräthaben Sie sich für ein hochwertiges, sicheres und motivierendes Produkt als Trainingspartner

entschieden. Welches Ziel Sie auch immer mit Ihrem Training verfolgen, wir sind sicher, dass Sie es mit diesem Fitnessgerät erreichen. Hinweise zu Ihrem Trainingsgerät und zum effektiven Training damit

finden Sie auf der Internetseite von Tunturi w w w. tunturi.com.


Treten mit dem CF30 ist eine ausgezeichnete aerobe Trainingsform, d.h. das Training ist zwar leicht, erfordert aber eine lange Trainingsdauer. Das aerobe Training basiert auf einer Verbesserung der max. Sauerstoffaufnahmefähigkeit, was zu einer Verbesserung der Kondition und Ausdauer führt. Treten ist auch eine angenehme Trainingsform. Man soll zwar schwitzen, aber nicht ausser Atem kommen. So sollte man während des Trainings normal sprechen können.

Das Training sollte aus mindestens drei 30minütigen Einheiten pro Woche bestehen. So wird eine Grundkondition erreicht. Die Aufrechterhaltung der Kondition SETzt zirka zwei Trainingssätze pro Woche voraus. Ist die Grundkondition erreicht, kann diese leicht durch Erhöhen der Trainingsfrequenz verbessert werden. Körperliche Betätigung ist

ein wichtiges Hilfsmittel zur Reduzierung des Körpergewichtes, denn Training ist das einzige Mittel, den Energieverbrauch des Körpers zu erhöhen. Dabei ist es neben einer kalorienarmen Diät wichtig, regelmässig zu trainieren. Die tägliche Trainingszeit sollte am Anfang 30 Minuten entweder auf einmal oder in kleineren Intervallen betragen und sollte langsam auf 60 Minuten erhöht werden.

Lassen Sie das Training mit geringem Tretwiderstand beginnen. Eine grosse Anstrengung bei einem hohen Körpergewicht kann zu einer gefährlichen Belastung des Herzens und des Kreislaufs

führen. Die Trainingseffizienz kann mit Hilfe der Pulsfrequenz geschätzt und die Tretgeschwindigkeit der Kondition entsprechend langsam erhöht werden. Mit der Anzeige Ihres Gerätes können

Sie ihre Pulsfrequenz während des Trainings beobachten und sicherstellen, dass das Training effektiv genug aber nicht zu anstrengend ist. Während des Trainings immer an den Handgriffen oder Handstütze festhalten. Während des Trainings immer die Füsse auf den Fussbrettern behalten.

Eine hohe Belastung und kurze Übungsintervalle eignen sich zur Entwicklung der Maximalkraft und Aufbau der Muskelmasse, leichtere Belastung und längere Übungsintervalle zum Straffen der Muskeln und Entwicklung der Muskelkraft. Mit ruhigem Tempo und geringem Belastung beginnen. Je nach Kondition das Tempo und den Trainingswiderstand langsam erhöhen. Dabei den Kopf hoch und Nacken und Rücken gerade halten. Sicherstellen, dass sich die Füsse etwa in der Mitte des Trittbretts befinden.

Den Körperschwerpunkt unabhängig von der