Tote Vision LCD- 501, LCD- 501X3 User Manual

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The Biggest Thing in


Little LCD Monitors



Triple 19" Rack Mount

Active Matrix 5"










Color LCD Monitor



Unit in Brass Flush Mount Kit





• Wide operating power range (10 ~ 30VDC)






Display: 5" TFT LCD active matrix

• Picture on demand/power saving feature





Back Light: CCFT

• Front mounted stereo headphone jack for private listening (no built-in speakers)

Input Signal: NTSC/PAL (auto switching)

• Slim space saving design






Resolution: 600(H) x 234(V) dots

• For color and B&W applications






Active Area: 102.6(H) x 73.9(V)

• Compact and light weight for easy installation or mobile use


Dot Pitch: 0.171(H) x 0.316(V)

• Low power consumption






Brightness rating: 240 cd/m² (Nit)

• Case made of durable ABS plastic






Number of Pixels: 140,400

• Active matrix technology allows wide viewing angle





Contrast Ratio: 120:1

• Active matrix technology eliminates distortion




Viewing angle L/R/T/B: 55°/55°/15°/35°

• Front controls for color, brightness and audio volume


Pixel Configuration: Stripe

• A/C adaptor, Part No. AC-2000, included





Power Requirement: 12VDC (1A, + pin)

Optional Accessories





Operating Power Range: 10 ~ 30 VDC





Power Consumption: 7 W (max.)


Metal bracket for Anton-Bauer battery








Input Signal Level: 1.0V P-P (positive) 75 Ohm


Rechargeable 2600mAH battery pack provides









Audio Input Level: 1.0V P-P


approximately 5 hrs. of operation










Audio output: 0.3 W


Car Cord







Dual Car Cord





Audio Input Impendance: 10K ohm


Hot Shoe mount






Audio Band Width: 15 KHz

LM-BR-501 Brass Flush Mount Kit (see above)




Dimensions (WHD): 146 x 105 x 30.5mm/5.7" x 4.1" x 1.2"


Requires rear access to install.




Actual visible screen size(WH): 102 x 74mm / 4" x 2.9"


Dimensions (WH): 5.82" x 5.43"





Monitor Mounting: Mounting pad with ¼-20 threaded socket


Installer’s cut-out: 5.15"(W) x 4.44"(H)









Operating temperature: 50 ~ 104°F or 10 ~ 40°C, 85% RH max.


Desk Stand









Storage temperature: -4 ~ 140°F or -20 ~ 60°C, 85% RH max.

MB-72M Metal Mounting Bracket









DIN Cable Connections: RCA video IN

RM-501 EIA Rack Mount Panel, black metal (shown above)


19"(W) x 5.3"(H) x 0.8"(D) (occupies 3 RU)








RCA right audio IN


Holds 3 monitors.









RCA left audio IN


Wall mount bracket









2.1 DC IN jack








LCD-501 Weight: Net: 363g / 12.8oz.









For LCD-501X3 only.








Gross: 1.2 kg. / 2.7 lbs.





LCD-501X3 Weight: Net: 2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs.

GS-07F-0069L, SIN: 246-42(1), 246-50








Gross: Est. 5.3 kg. / 11.8 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice

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