Tote Vision EH-2001 User Manual

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The Biggest Thing in


Environmental Housings



Weather resistant

Shown with optional



sun shield


Security Enclosure for LCD Display Model LCD-2001VB


(tilts 20°)



The EH-2001 is designed to offer the best protection possible



to an LCD monitor in harsh applications. This rugged enclosure




1-1/2" pipe not included

can be installed in a dusty or humid environment such as outdoor


installations, warehouses, coalmines, manufacturing facilities, etc.



The EH-2001 is made entirely of aluminum, therefore maximizing



dissipation of excessive heat generated by the LCD monitor if installed



in an area with high temperature. Blower with built-in thermostat will be



activated at 86°F, and the air will flow in and out of the housing


through the rear vents. Special filters prevent dust and insect



infi ltration. A special wall mounting bracket is provided at the back



of the enclosure and allows approximately 20° of tilt.



Available Color Options:



Standard color is dark metalic gray




Shown with

Shown with

ceiling mount

ceiling mount

Vents are equipped with fi lters to prevent dust or insect infi ltration.

option # 2:

option # 1:

Clean or change fi lters periodically as needed.


yoke bracket

pipe bracket

Enclosure Dimensions:




External (WHD): 590 x 516 x 191mm / 23.2" x 20.3" x 7.5"


Weather and water resistant reversed louver


Internal (WHD): 559 x 457 x 152mm / 22"x 18"x 6"


system lets cool air in and warm air out.


Sunshield (WHD): 587 x 507 x 162mm / 23.1” x 20" x 6.4"


Filters prevent dust & bug infi ltrations.

Net Weight: 27.8 lbs.

- Lexan window and tamperproof screws help


to protect the monitor and to prevent vandalism.

Net Weight with sunshield: 29.7 lbs.



Double-wall one inch thick insulated construction

Net Weight w/ LCD-2001VB and sunsheild: 50.1 lbs.


helps to maintain desired temperature range in









summer or winter, and it helps to minimize


Limited Availablility Bulk Special Order may






internal condensation.


Call for availablility



Optional sun shield enhances readability in direct







Call ToteVision with your specifications for quotation for






4 conduit knockouts are available on L/R sides,


custom applications (bulk purchase special order only).





and at the back and underneath the enclosure.


Optional Accessories

- 4” blower @ 110 CFM provides excellent


EH-SS-2001 White color sun shield (shown above)


heat dissipation.



Heater (14.5 W) and thermostat help to control


EH-PB-2001 Threaded 1-1/2" NPT pipe bracket (shown above)


for ceiling mounting (pipe not included)


internal temperature in cold conditions.

EH-YB-2001 Yoke bracket (shown above) for ceiling mounting (bulk purchase special order only)

Specifi cations subject to change without notice

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