Tote Vision LCD-1047HD User Manual

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LCD-1047HD 1047HDR/HDL

High Definition

Color LCD Monitor

Owners Manual

LCD-1047HD series


Improper use can result in electric shock and/or fire. In order to prevent potential danger, please observe the following instructions when installing, operating and cleaning the product. To ensure your safety and prolong the service life of your Color TFT-LCD monitor product, please read the following precautions carefully before using the product.

All operating instructions must be read and understood before the product is operated.

These safety and operating instructions must be kept in a safe place for future reference.

All warnings on the product and in the instructions must be observed closely.

All operating instructions must be followed.

Do not use accessories not recommended by the manufacturer. Use of inadequate accessories can result in accidents.

This product must be operated on a power source specified on the specification label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply used in your home, consult your dealer or local power company.

For units designed to operate on batteries or another power source, refer to the operating instructions.

The power cords must be routed properly to prevent people from stepping on them or objects from resting on them.

Check the cords at the electrical outlet and product.

If you plan to use a 12V DC power supply unit other than the AC adapter supplied with the product, make sure the power supply unit provides stable voltage with minimum fluctuations.

Do not overload AC outlets or extension cords.

Overloading can cause fire or electric shock.

Never insert an object into the product through vents or openings. High voltage flows in the product, and inserting an object can cause electric shock and/or short internal parts.

For the same reason, do not spill water or liquid on the product.

Do not attempt to service the product yourself.

Removing covers can expose you to high voltage and other dangerous conditions. Request a qualified service person to perform servicing.

■ If any of the following conditions occurs, unplug the power cord from the AC outlet, and request a qualified service person to perform repairs.

a.When the power cord or plug is damaged.

b.When a liquid was spilled on the product or when objects have fallen into the product.

c.When the product has been exposed to rain or water.

d.When the product does not operate properly as described in the operating instructions.

Do not touch the controls other than those described in the operating instructions. Improper adjustment of controls not described in the instruction



may cause damage, which often requires extensive adjustment work by a qualified technician.

e.When the product has been dropped or damaged.

f.When the product displays an abnormal condition. Any noticeable abnormality in the product indicates that the product needs servicing.

In case the product needs replacement parts, make sure that the service person uses replacement parts specified by the manufacturer, or those with the same characteristics and performance as the original parts.

Use of unauthorized parts can result in fire, electric shock and/or other danger.

Upon completion of service or repair work, request the service technician to perform safety checks to ensure the product is in proper operating condition.

When mounting the product on a wall or ceiling, be sure to install the product according to the method recommended by the manufacturer.

Unplug the power cord from the AC outlet before cleaning the product. Use a damp cloth to clean the product. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.

Unplug the power cord from the AC outlet if you do not use the product for an extended period of time.

Do not use the product near water, such as bathtub, washbasin, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool or in a wet basement.

Keep the product away from direct rays of the Sun-light.

Do not place the product on an unstable cart, stand, tripod or table.

Placing the product on an unstable base can cause the product to fall, resulting in serious personal injuries as well as damage to the product.

Use only a cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table recommended by the manufacturer or sold with the product. When mounting the product on a wall, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instruction.

Use only the mounting hardware recommended by the manufacturer.

When relocating the product placed on a cart, it must be moved with the utmost care. Sudden stops, excessive force and uneven floor surface can cause the product to fall from the cart.

The vents and other openings in the cabinet are designed for ventilation.

Do not cover or block these vents and openings since insufficient ventilation can cause overheating and/or shorten the life of the product. Do not place the product on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface, since they can block ventilation openings. This product is not designed for built-in installation; do not place the product in an enclosed place such as a bookcase or rack, less proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer's instructions are followed.

The LCD panel used in this product is made of glass.

Therefore, it can break when the product is dropped or applied with impact. Be careful not to be injured by broken glass pieces in case the LCD panel broken.

Keep the product away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves and other heat-generating products (including amplifiers).

The LCD Panel is a very high technology product with 786,432 thin film transistors, giving you fine picture details. Occasionally, a few non-active pixels may appear on the screen as a fixed point of blue, green or red.

Please note that this does not affect the performance of your product.



<19” standard rack mount kit>

LCD-1047HDL, Flush Mount Kit


1.LCD-1047HD (stand alone unit)

2.LCD-1047HDL (unit in flush mount kit)

3.LCD-1047HDR (unit in rack kit)



Please check to make sure the following accessories are included with this product.

-Power supply -Remote Control -User manual

-Desk stand (1047HD only) -Cable for PC

-Stereo Cable


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