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Electric Choke Supplemental Instructions

For remanufactured carburetors equipped with an electric choke the following supplemental instructions pertain to the electric choke connection.

As received, the electric choke ground connection (negative – terminal on the choke cap) has been attached to the choke housing. This connection provides a good electrical ground contact for the electric choke.

You must make the positive wire connection. To properly function, the longer, positive wire (connected to the positive + post on the choke cap) must be connected to an Ignition Activated 12 volt source.


The ignition coil does not retain a 12 volt value when the engine is running. The voltage drops after the engine is started. Your electric choke will not work properly due to insufficient voltage supply. Therefore, you must find another ignition activated battery voltage source (12 volts) either under the hood or under the dash.

With the ignition switch in the “RUN” position find a battery voltage source. Turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position to determine if the battery voltage source in the wire you have selected is shut off. As a further check, turn the ignition switch to the

“ACC” position. The ideal reference source will not be activated in the “OFF” position or “ACC”.

If you find a source that work in only the “RUN” and “ACC” position leaving the ignition switch in the “ACC” position for extended periods of time will allow the electric choke to be activated and could, with repeated use, burn out your choke cap.

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