Quick Fuel Technology Quick Set Adjustable Vacuum Secondary Housing User Manual


Quick Set Adjustable

Vacuum Secondary Housing

Installation and Tuning Instructions

1.Remove old vacuum secondary housing. Note: If your carburetor is equipped with a choke it will be necessary to remove the choke housing and assembly to access all the screws securing the vacuum secondary housing.

2.Install new vacuum secondary housing. A new vacuum passage gasket has been cemented in place, check to be sure it is still positioned correctly.

3.Tighten all three screws to secure new vacuum secondary housing is place. Do not over-tighten these screws! Use a small, short screwdriver to avoid over-tightening. Reassemble and reinstall choke housing and assembly in reverse order of disassembly. If you experience any problems or difficulties, consult a service manual

4.Baseline setting for the adjustable needle is 1 1/2 turns off the seat, this setting has already been made during assembly at our facility. Should you ever need to reestablish your needle setting, lightly seat the needle. Do not over-tighten as this will alter the seat taper and could change the performance characteristics.

5.The Quick Set Adjustable Vacuum Secondary Housing incorporates a “Purple” spring. This ensures the secondaries will open fully on most applications. The purpose of the adjustment screw is to vary the opening rate, that is, when the secondaries begin to open as well as how quickly they open.

6.The secondary diaphragm operates off venturi vacuum. As airflow increases through the primary side of the carburetor, a vacuum is created in the venturi. It is this vacuum signal that actuates the secondary diaphragm. Without an accelerator pump on the secondary side of the carburetor it is necessary to graduate the secondaryopening rate. Air responds instantaneously when the throttle plates open, however, there is a delay before the fuel begins to flow.

7.For best performance you should not “feel” the secondaries opening. If you “feel” the secondaries open, do not confuse this feeling with better performance. That feel is actually a hesitation or a bog. Simply stated, the increased airflow has insufficient fuel to make a combustible mixture.

8.Best performance therefore is accomplished by determining what needle position creates a hesitation. Then gradually turn in the adjustment needle in 1/8-turn increments until the hesitation is eliminated. This will provide the optimum wideopen throttle acceleration.

9.The Quick Set Adjustment will allow you to tune for variations in traction, weather conditions, etc. How your engine responds to these conditions will determine where the adjustment screw should be set. This will require experimentation on your part; however, the Quick Set Adjustment will enable you to achieve the best performance possible under all conditions.

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