Quick Fuel Technology 3 Circuit Billet Metering Block User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 3 Circuit Billet Metering Block User Manual

3 Circuit Billet Metering Block Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a QFT 3 circuit metering block. Installation is no different than a conventional metering block. There are some tuning features that this block has that are illustrated below.

The intermediate system has a feed and discharge restrictions. The feed is located on the fuel bowl side of the metering block (location shown above). The discharge side in on the main body side of the metering block as shown. The idle feed restriction is located at the top of the serpentine channel. The emulsion bleeds are the four restrictions located in the high speed air bleed channel closest to the power valve. The lowest port on the metering block face should be plugged.

The specifications for your new metering block are as follows:

Intermediate Feed: .043”

Intermediate Discharge: .039”

Emulsion Bleeds: 4 @ .028” each

Idle Feed Restriction: .037”

This is a good baseline calibration that will work on the majority of applications. The “tuneability” of this metering block is certainly one of the significant features. It is not possible to discuss every possible combination or calibration change in an installation sheet. Numerous books have been written covering these subjects in absolute detail. We would suggest using these technical references before making any major changes. It is highly recommended calibration changes should be measured with a data acquisition system or monitored on a dynamometer.

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