Quick Fuel Technology 4500 (Newer Style) E-85 Conversion Kit User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 4500 (Newer Style) E-85 Conversion Kit User Manual

Installation Instructions Model 4500 (Newer Style)

E-85 Conversion Kit

Thank you for purchasing QFT’s E-85 conversion kit. This conversion is not particularly difficult however. there are a few precautions and special instructions you should follow to be certain the conversion goes smoothly.

1.Completely disassemble the major components; i.e. fuel bowls and metering blocks.

2.With the bowls and blocks removed, remove the locator pins that hold in the booster venturi. The

Remove booster pin with dent puller (sheet metal screw)

easiest way to accomplish this is to use a sheet metal screw and a dent remover as shown here.

3.With the booster venturi removed you can now install the new booster assemblies. This is a critical step and essential that the fit and location of the booster venturi is correct. The casting that holds the annular insert has a raised line on each side of the locator tab. This is to ensure a tight fit in the main body casting.

4.Trial fit the booster in the main body to ensure it can be placed deep enough to align with the booster pin hole in the main body. Look through the booster pin hole on the metering block surface of the main body, trial fit each booster assembly to check alignment of the booster pin holes. If the holes do not align it will be necessary to remove material from the raised casting line to achieve a tight fit, however to enable proper alignment. Material can be removed using a hand file.

5.Once boosters are properly aligned, place a drop of two of Red Loctite® on the booster pin provided. Insert the booster pin through the main body and into the booster. Lightly tap initially in place with a small hammer, using a punch with the same OD as the booster pin. Check your progress frequently to be certain the alignment is maintained. NOTE: When the last step of the booster pin enters the main body boss the resistance to drive in the pin will become greater. Check the alignment one additional time then finish driving the booster pin until the pin is flush with the relief cut in the main body.

Check alignment before installing brass pin

Align brass pin with hole in booster, coat with Loctite®, tap lightly, check alignment drive until flush with casting recess.

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