Quick Fuel Technology 34-3 Center Pivot Float Conversion Kit User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 34-3 Center Pivot Float Conversion Kit User Manual

Billet Metering Plate

Installation Instructions

34-3 Center Pivot Float Conversion Kit

Congratulations on purchasing a Quick Fuel Technology billet secondary metering plate. Installation of this component is a simple bolt-on replacement for the original aluminum secondary metering plate. There are a couple of precautions to take during disassembly and reassembly.

1.When removing the secondary fuel bowl it may be difficult to remove if your carburetor was assembled with “sticky” adhesive coated gaskets. Pull the fuel bowl off as straight as possible, however it may be necessary to loosen the seal with a soft hammer.

2.After the fuel bowl is removed, #3 clutch head bit is required to remove the metering plate.

3.When the metering plate is removed, it will be necessary to remove all gasket material from the main body and fuel bowl. Use of a quality carburetor cleaner will help to soften the material making the removal process much easier.

4.Position the new gasket on the main body

5.Install the new metering plate. Note: the billet metering plate has two locator pins to correctly position the metering plate on the gasket and main body.

6.Install and tighten the original clutch head screws. Tighten to a target torque value of 18 inch pounds or 1.5 foot pounds.

7.Using the cross reference provided, locate the metering plate number stamped upside down on your original metering plate, and install the equivalent jets into the threaded opening provided. Please note, the jet spacing is exactly the same as a metering block, therefore, jet extensions and standard notched float will work.

8.Install the fuel bowl. Check for clearance as some early style fuel bowls could contact the billet metering plate. The fuel bowl should sit flush on the main body. Interference is rare but does occasionally happen and it may be necessary to grind a small relief in the bowl. Using the nylon fuel bowl screw gaskets provided tighten the fuel bowl screws in a criss-cross pattern to a target torque value of 35 inch pounds (approx. 3 foot pounds).

9.At this point you should check to insure the float is able to move freely. Remove the brass sight plug, then rotating the carburetor from the normal position to upside down, you should be able to set the float move in and out of the sight plug hole.

10.The billet metering plate allows you to tune your carburetor on the secondary side. The changeable main jet is an obvious advantage, however, the idle feed restriction can also be changed. Your billet metering plate is equipped with a .039” idle feed restriction. These restrictions are located at the top of the main body side of the metering plate and can be removed with a .050” Allen wrench. The brass restriction can be drilled to a larger size or changed to a smaller size if desired. These restrictions are a 4-40 thread and are available directly through Quick Fuel Technology (1-270-793-0900).

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