Quick Fuel Technology 34-104 Fuel Bowl Extension Kit User Manual



P/N 34-104


Installation Instructions for 34-104 Fuel Bowl Extension Kit

Thank you for purchasing our Fuel Bowl Extension Kit.

1.Place the fuel bowl so the opening is facing down on the workbench. With a small punch drive the roll pin that retains the operating arm out of the accelerator pump housing. Install the bent pump arm supplied with the angled section facing away or pointing down. Tap in the original roll pin with a small punch until the roll pin is just about flush with the housing (see illustration below).
















Remove roll pin with small punch

Reinstall roll pin with new pump arm as shown

2.Install the metering block gasket and fuel bowl gasket on the metering blocks.

3.Install the second fuel bowl gasket on the fuel bowl extension. Note the location of the accelerator pump channel and ensure that it will not be obstructed.

4.Place the metering block on the main body, install the fuel bowl extension , then install the fuel bowl (be sure the accelerator pump operating arm is orientated correctly over the fuel bowl pump arm). Install the blue nylon gaskets, insert the supplied fuel bowl screws through the fuel bowl, fuel bowl extension, and

metering block. Tighten the fuel bowl screws in criss-cross sequence.

5.It may be necessary to re-adjust the accelerator pump orientation and over-ride spring adjustment. With the carburetor inverted, check the alignment of the fuel bowl accelerator pump arm to be sure it is centered

on the adjustment bolt head. If necessary re-align with an adjustable wrench or suitable pliers that will not mar the finish. Once aligned, check the pump over-ride adjustment. There should be tension on the fuel bowl pump arm at idle and some clearance at wide-open throttle. The recommended clearance at wide open is .015”. The clearance does not have to be exact; the primary reason for this measurement is to prevent the pump arm from bottoming out against the bowl. This could possibly result in the accelerator pump housing loosening up over time resulting in a fuel leak.

6.Once the engine has been heat cycled once or twice, re-tighten the fuel bowl screws. The non-stick gaskets will compress relaxing the original torque value on the fuel bowl screws. Only one re-tightening procedure should be necessary once the gaskets have taken a “set” from compression.

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