Quick Fuel Technology 30-817 Lower Housing & Seal Kit User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 30-817 Lower Housing & Seal Kit User Manual

Lower Housing & Seal Kit

QFT Part No. 30-817

1.Replacement of the lower housing is a reasonably straightforward process however, the following guidelines will hopefully help.

2.To prevent separation of the brush cap from the motor housing, use electrical tape or similar, to keep these two housing together during this process.

3.Note the orientation of the motor housing and lower housing so the new lower housing can be oriented the same way as the original.

4.Remove the five lower housing plate screws. Remove the lower housing gasket, filter screen, rotor/vane assembly, then remove the large relief spring retainer screw, spring and relief valve. If necessary, you may have to pry the rotor off the armature before any further disassembly. Be careful not to damage the rotor during this process as you will need to reinstall it. If necessary use a cleaning solution like carburetor cleaner or brake clean to loosen corrosion that maybe binding the rotor.

5.With a 5/16” nut driver or small socket, remove the long housing screws. On the early versions there is a retainer nut in the lower housing. Later versions the threads are internal.

6.Positioning the top of the pump on a flat work surface, carefully remove the lower housing. It is essential the armature does not move out of the motor housing assembly. Using you thumb, push the armature shaft down as you remove the lower housing. It may help to slightly twist the housing to assist removal.

7.Once removed carefully set the motor housing assembly aside. Note: the locator tab in the motor housing, this engages a corresponding locator notch in the lower housing. This locates and aligns the lower housing properly.

8.Install the new replacement housing over the armature shaft by gently pushing the housing straight down on the shaft, until the two housing seat together.

9.Install the lock nuts (use the two new nylon lock nuts supplied with the kit) in the lower housing cut out. Install the long housing screws and tighten sequentially from side to side until tight. Torque to 50 Inch Lbs. (4 Ft. Lbs.).

10.Install the relief valve (be certain the rubber seal is positioned correctly, the seal goes in toward the seal), relief valve spring and the retainer screw (check the condition of the O-Ring seat) tighten the retainer screw with a large common tip screwdriver. NOTE: the rotor has a slotted plastic insert in the bottom of the shaft hole. This is like lining up a distributor into the oil pump drive in most engines. Be sure to position it correctly so the notch in the armature shaft is aligned with the slot in the rotor. Install the rotor, install four vanes, position inlet filter screen and finally, position lower housing gasket.

11.Align lower housing plate the screw holes in the housing, install the five lower housing plate screws and tighten sequentially. Torque these screws to 60 Inch Lbs. (5 Ft. Lbs.)

12.Re-check your assembly. You are now ready to reinstall your fuel pump. It is possible to bench check your pump by applying battery voltage the motor. You should spray a lubricant into the lower housing, prior to doing this for lubrication.

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